Application test for Master degree programmes

Master Degree Programme in Sales Management

You have to take an electronic knowledge test as part of the overall application test for Sales Management. This test takes approx. 2 hours.

In total, the application test for MA degree programmes takes 3 hours incl. the knowledge test.

Special preparation for the knowledge test is not necessary, since the questions are based on the knowledge of a prior successfully-completed and subject-relevant degree programme with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits. To give you an overview of the core areas of the knowledge test, please see the following reading list of introductory literature that the questions are based on:

Core area Business Administration:

  • Thommen, Jean-Paul; Achleitner, Ann-Kristin; Gilbert, Dirk Ulrich; Hachmeister, Dirk; Kaiser, Gernot: Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Springer Gabler
  • Vahs, Dietmar; Schäfer-Kunz, Jan: Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Schäffer-Poeschel

Core area Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting:

  • Schneider, Wilfried; Dobrovits, Ingrid; Schneider, Dieter; Grohmann-Steiger: Einführung in die Buchhaltung im Selbststudium, facultas
  • Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang; Bogensberger, Stephan: Handbuch der Kostenrechnung, facultas
  • Egger, Anton; Winterheller Manfred: Kurzfristige Unternehmensplanung, Linde

Core area Marketing:

  • Homburg, Christian; Grundlagen des Marketingmanagements, Springer Gabler
  • Kotler, Philip; Armstrong, Gary; et al.: Grundlagen des Marketing, Pearson Studium
  • Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller, Marc Opresnik: Marketing-Management: Konzepte-Instrumente-Unternehmensfallstudien, Pearson Studium

Core area Sales Management:

  • Winkelmann, Peter; Vertriebskonzeption und Vertriebssteuerung, Die Instrumente des integrierten Kundenmanagements (CRM), Vahlen

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