Online Application

The path to your programme starts with registering in our application system. Once registered, you can apply anytime.

Online Application

Register in CAMPUS 02’s application system  https://bewerbung.campus02.at/en  It’s simple – type in your first name and surname, date of birth and email address. If you have already studied at a higher education institution, please also provide your matriculation number as it continues to be valid.

Once registered in the application system, you will receive an email with a link. Open the link and apply:

  • Firstly, please mark the degree programme(s) that you would like to apply for. On the next page, please insert the required data and tell us how you (will) meet the admission criteria.
  • On the last page, select your preferred date for the application test and send off your application by clicking on “Apply now!”.

You do not have to finish the application in one go. It is possible to log in anytime to complete your details and upload your application documents. However, you have to complete your application the latest 1 week after you have taken the application test.

After you have sent the application, you will receive an email confirming your application test date and can continue to edit your application online. This year, the Bachelor’s application test will be conducted online and will take place on the test date selected in the system. To ensure fairness and transparency, we will supervise you in the “proctored mode”. If you do not have access to the technical equipment mentioned in the guideline, you also have the option of taking the Bachelor’s application test directly at CAMPUS 02 premises. However, this is dependent on the measures taken by the federal government in relation to the COVID-19 Measures Act. For further information, please refer to the invitation email. The Master’s application test will exclusively take place online. You will receive your access code to the online test by e-mail one week before your selected date and will then have 7 days to complete the application test.

Please note that a modified application process applies to applicants with international certificates. For more information, please see page International Applications on our website.


If you do not yet have your school-leaving certificate/Bachelor’s certificate, please tick the box “Will be provided at a later date” when you get to this document in the application system. This way, you can finish your application without having to upload a certificate. As soon as you have received your school-leaving certificate/Bachelor’s certificate, please upload it to the system.

Yes, applying for more than one degree programme is usually possible.

You can apply for a different degree programme by the time the application deadline has expired. Please keep in mind that due your subsequent application, you might have to retake parts of the application test.