Personal Interview

The last step towards your programme is the personal interview with the board of examiners. The interview gives you the chance to prove yourself and your skills face-to-face. For more information on the procedure of the personal interview, please refer to the invitation email, which will be sent to you promptly after you have successfully completed the online admission test.

If you have passed the  application test, you will receive an email inviting you to a personal interview..

The interview is conducted by a board of examiners comprised of the Head or a representative of the degree programme you applied for, a psychologist and a staff member of the degree programme’s administration.The aim of the interview is to assess further information acquired from the application test results and check final criteria.

After you have successfully completed the application process, a study contract Template_EN_2021 will be signed, which regulates mutual rights and obligations of students and CAMPUS 02.


It depends on your application test results and on the degree programme you are applying for. Usually, applicants receive an email inviting them to the interview.

Applicants for the Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales will either be invited to the interview, be denied a study place or be put on the waiting list for the interview shortly after the application test.

For more information regarding the interview, please contact the respective degree programme office:

It varies between each applicant. Make sure to have time for at least half an hour.

All interviews are currently held online via MS Teams or Zoom


You can apply for student financial aid or merit scholarships at the Austrian Study Grant Authority in Graz.