Translation of §1 of the Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons

The Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons by the Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research
(Personengruppenverordnung 2018, PersGV 2018)

Eligible groups of persons

§ 1. To determine the existence of a general university entrance qualification within the framework of admission procedures, school-leaving certificates of the following persons are considered to have been issued in Austria:

1. Persons who have privileges and immunities in Austria due to state treaty provisions or legal provisions and persons who are abroad by order of the Republic of Austria at the time of obtaining their school-leaving certificate and have privileges and immunities there due to state treaty provisions or legal provisions (as well as their spouses, civil partners and children);

2. Journalists from abroad who have been accredited in Austria and have their main professional occupation in Austria (as well as their spouses, civil partners and children);

3. Persons who had their own principal residence in Austria for at least five consecutive years immediately prior to their first application for admission to a degree programme at a university for teacher education, university or university of applied sciences in Austria or who have at least one person with a legal maintenance obligation who fulfils that condition;

4. Persons who either receive a study grant for the desired degree programme due to Austrian state treaty provisions or an equal amount from an Austrian federal authority’s means expressly designated for study grants according to the authority’s financial rules;

5. Holders of school-leaving certificates or school-leaving and diploma certificates from Austrian schools abroad or holders of national final exam certificates from German-speaking or Ladin-speaking upper secondary schools in South Tyrol provided that immediate access to a higher education institution in Italy is not already given; and

6. Persons who are entitled to stay in Austria according to §§ 3, 8, 13 or 75 paras. 5 and 6 of the Asylum Act 2005, Federal Law Gazette* I No. 100/2005, in the version of the Federal Law Gazette I No. 145/2017, or provisions from earlier asylum laws.

* Bundesgesetzblatt (BGBl.)

Please note that the present list of groups of persons is a translation from the original German text and has been provided for comprehension purposes only. The original German-language version will prevail in all instances.