Automation projects

The course Automation Project takes place in the 1st semester of the Master Degree Programme in Automation Technology – Business..

Automation technology tasks are resolved by means of combining the specialist fields of electrical engineering/electronics, computer science and mechanical engineering as well as methods, processes and technologies of automation technology.
This requires a breakdown of the task into individual subtasks, taking into account different solution variants and the resulting mutual influences and dependencies. This process is illustrated by means of a project to be carried out by the students. The necessary activities in this interdisciplinary project are covered by the students in groups

Examples include:

  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical planning
  • Hardware selection
  • Computer selection (PC, PLC, single board computer like Raspberry Pi or Arduino …)
  • Programming
  • Control and regulation
  • Networking of machines and devices
  • Vertical and horizontal integration
  • General automation as well as economic consideration

Subtasks are assigned in accordance with existing competences of the students, interdisciplinary teams are formed and strengths and experiences are presented and communicated to each other. Overall, both practice and theory are thus intertwined in the Master degree programme, as well as professional self-reflection is promoted and mutual knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer are encouraged. In addition to predefined teaching projects, company projects are also offered and students can also submit project proposals themselves.

The projects are carried out together in teams, with the work being documented in a protocol. At the end of the semester, individually prepared presentations and results of the projects are presented.


Please find below some examples.