Smart Charger and Info Spot

Contact: Ioan Turcin, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: INKOL GmbH

Smartphone charging possibilities and an information dashboard in a bench

INKOL GmbH and CAMPUS 02 had the idea to make charging mobile devices possible in different urban agglomeration zones, highly frequented roads and parks. The result of the project was the construction of a bench with a photovoltaic panel roof that is equipped with a fully autonomous energy supply. The project encompassed the planning, design and construction of a prototype with all its mechanical, electric and control components.

A photovoltaic panel was installed on the roof of the bench to deliver enough energy for charging many mobile phones at the same time. The bench also has an in-built battery for less sunnier days and is equipped with a WLAN module and a “dashboard” that provides visitors with relevant location and service-related data, such as data regarding the weather and energy. A QR code was specifically generated for the bench to give visitors the possibility to directly upload the data to their smartphones. This way, they are provided with interesting information and can develop an understanding of regenerative energies, such as solar energy.

INKOL GmbH is prepared to offer the Smart Charger and Info Spot idea to a start-up company and to young interested entrepreneurs. The prototype is modular and can be upgraded with many different functions. One upgrading option for financing the bench could be to run advertisements on an additional display, which would also lead to other financing opportunities.