Specialist Field Electrical Engineering/Electronics

With its long-standing expertise and comprehensive lab equipment, the specialist field of electrical engineering and electronics offers various possibilities to conduct research and development projects. Besides developing and designing electronic circuits and printed circuit boards, we can also manufacture small and very small batches with our internal production line.

Industrial measurement technology and measurement automation are integral fields of activity in which we conduct different kinds of measurements of existing devices. For this purpose, we have professional measuring equipment, a thermostream and a climatic cabinet. Through these measurements, we can acquire data about the devices’ efficiency and characteristic values in different environmental conditions.

You can find a detailed list of our lab equipment here.

If you have an electrical engineering-related request or if you already have a clear project idea, please do not hesitate to contact us; Mr Manfred Pauritsch will be happy to support you.

Tel.: +43 316 6002-672


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