current Covid-19 information

Rules at CAMPUS 02

We are very pleased to be able to start the new academic year with face-to-face teaching.

Due to the current regulations in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemia, the following regulations will apply at CAMPUS 02 as of  September 2022:

  • In case of an acute, confirmed COVID disease (positive test result), access to CAMPUS 02 and thus participation in classroom activities is not permitted during the 10-day traffic restriction.
  • The official test result (e.g. from a public testing station) is considered as proof for an exemption request. The result of so-called “living room tests” cannot be recognised for an exemption.


Students at CAMPUS 02 can be exempted from courses and examinations in the event of an acute, officially certified COVID illness (testing at a public testing station) for the duration of the 10-day traffic restrictions which are currently in force. This means that your absence is considered excused. The result of so-called “living room tests” will not be recognised.

The application form can be found here: https://dal.campus02.at/admin/login

Instructions on how to submit the exemption application can be found in the Knowledgebase.

Further recommendations

If you are not sure whether you are ill or if you have been in contact with infected persons, we recommend that you wear an FFP2 mask indoors.

Please also make sure that the rooms are ventilated regularly and do not forget to close the windows and switch off the lights and air conditioning when leaving the lecture halls.

Regulations in their current version can be found in the Federal Law Gazette.