current Covid-19 information

2nd COVID – 19 – Higher Education Act

The second COVID 19 – Higher Education Act enables higher education institutions to establish adequate regulations to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In exchange with the authorities, other universities at the location and embedded in the applicable regional COVID regulations, we would like to inform you that we also intend to adopt an increased security status and from Friday, 19 November 2021, the following regulations will apply:

Rules at CAMPUS 02

Classes will be organised and held online until further notice, with the following exceptions: Examinations, oral examinations or laboratory classes as well as small group exercises may take place in the lecture halls, provided that a minimum distance of 1.5 m (only every secod seat may be occupied) can be maintained.

Lecturers may use the infrastructure of CAMPUS 02 to deliver online courses.

Wearing an FFP2 mask is compulsory throughout the building and also in the lecture halls during the lectures. Lecturers are exempt from this during the lectures, if they can maintain a sufficient safety distance. Exemptions also apply to the period when food or drinks are consumed, whereby care must be taken to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m to the next person.

For individuals who stay on the premises of CAMPUS 02 for more than 15 minutes the 2,5 G rule applies. They must provide proof that they have either been vaccinated, recovered or PCR tested. Antigen and antibody tests are not accepted as evidence.

Students can use individual rooms or learning spaces under the conditions mentioned above. Please register in advance at office@campus02.at or call 0316/6002 DW 177 at the Info Point.

The following regulations currently apply to persons who have been vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine:

  • Full immunisation is valid from the second vaccination onwards, whereby the second vaccination must not have taken place more than 270 days before.
  • From 03 January 2022, one-off vaccinations with the Janssen vaccine are no longer a valid proof of full immunisation. However, for persons who have undergone a recovery from COVID-19 prior to vaccination, it is still possible to present a proof of recovery (certificate of segregation, medical certificate or recovery certificate) and the 1/1 Janssen vaccination certificate as a valid 2G certificate.
  • For already recovered persons who have been vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for 270 days from the date of vaccination.
  • Each subsequent vaccination (or second vaccination in the case of one-off vaccines and recovered persons) is valid for 270 days. However, there must be at least 14 days between the first and second vaccination, and at least 120 days between the second and third vaccination.

A vaccination certificate or the so-called “green passport” (on the mobile phone or printed out) are valid as proof.

The following applies to recovered persons:

These are exempt from compulsory testing for 180 days after the end of the infection. Evidence can be, for example, a certificate of segregation or a medical confirmation of an infection confirmed by molecular biology.

The following applies for the proof by means of tests:

  • Only molecular biological tests for SARS-CoV-2 (PCR tests) documented in the public reporting system are accepted as evidence.
  • These have a validity of 72 hours from sample collection
  • In addition to the public test lanes and the pharmacies, there is also the possibility of PCR home gargle tests in Styria (for more details, see https://www.testen.steiermark.at/cms/ziel/166263518/DE).

CAMPUS 02 reserves the right to make changes to the verification obligations or conditions of validity in accordance with the requirements of federal law and as appropriate to the situation.


If, in the course of a control, persons do not or cannot comply with the obligation to provide proof, the control officers are authorised by the Management Board to issue an immediate ban from the premises and to document a violation of the CAMPUS 02 house rules. Repeated violations may result in further legal action.

Our control teams will continue to make every effort to not disrupt courses any longer than necessary, but are instructed to strictly monitor compliance with the rules.

Obligation to report and further procedures in the event of sickness

If cases of COVID-19 are detected, they must be reported to CAMPUS 02 immediately (covid-19@campus02.at). We will then inform the affected course in a timely manner and actively send out the health authority’s information sheet in order to raise awareness. There are no plans for an automatic cessation of face-to-face teaching for the class, as in consultation with the health authority, this is currently not considered in terms of an appropriate consideration of measures.

Further recommendations

Please continue to work together to ensure that rooms are ventilated regularly and do not forget to close the windows and switch off the lights and air conditioning when leaving the lecture halls.

Regulations in their current version can be found in the Federal Law Gazette.