current Covid-19 information

2nd COVID – 19 – Higher Education Act

The second COVID 19 – Higher Education Act enables higher education institutions to establish adequate regulations to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Suitable for this purpose is the so-called 3 G-rule, which regulates the access at the university to admit only persons who represent a low epidemiological risk when attending courses in the presence mode.

3G – Rule at CAMPUS 02

Individuals who stay on the premises of CAMPUS 02 for more than 15 minutes must provide proof that they have either been tested, recovered or vaccinated.

The following regulations currently apply to persons who have been vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine:

  • Full immunisation is valid from the second vaccination.
  • Vaccines where only one vaccination is scheduled (e.g. from Johnson & Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a total of 360 days from the date of vaccination.
  • For already recovered persons who have been vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for 360 days from the date of vaccination.

A vaccination certificate or the so-called “green passport” (on the mobile phone or printed out) are valid as proof.

The following applies to recovered persons:

They are exempt from compulsory testing for 180 days after the end of the infection. A certificate of isolation or a doctor’s confirmation of an infection confirmed by molecular biology, for example, are considered as proof. Evidence of neutralising antibodies counts for 90 days from the date of testing.

Different validity periods are set for the tests depending on their reliability:

  • PCR tests are valid for 72 hours from sample collection.
  • Antigen tests from an authorised body are valid for 24 hours from sample collection.
  • Self-tests recorded in an official data processing system of the countries are valid for 24 hours.

CAMPUS 02 reserves the right to make changes to the verification obligations or conditions of validity in accordance with the requirements of federal law and as appropriate to the situation.


If, in the course of a control, persons fail to comply or are unable to comply with the obligation to provide proof that they have either been tested, recovered or vaccinated, the representatives responsible for the control are authorised by the management board to issue an immediate prohibition from entering the house and to document a violation of the house rules of CAMPUS 02. Repeated violations may result in further legal action.