current Covid-19 information

2nd COVID – 19 – Higher Education Act

The second COVID 19 – Higher Education Act enables higher education institutions to establish adequate regulations to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Rules at CAMPUS 02

In accordance with the other higher education institutions at Graz as well as the nationwide phased opening plan, we are pleased that we could return to face-to-face operations at the beginning of the summer semester.

Following the relaxation of the current regulations on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemia, the following regulations will apply at CAMPUS 02 from 2 May onwards:

  • Wearing of FFP2 masks is no longer compulsory. However, we still recommend their use
  • Nevertheless and  irrespective of your status –  we ask you to make use of the available free test offers, if symptoms occur.
  • Persons who convert their quarantine into a traffic restriction may attend classes during the period of this traffic restriction. For this purpose, please submit the corresponding notification to the health authority as a prerequisite for obtaining the traffic restriction as well as to the degree programme office. Persons under traffic restriction are requested to wear their FFP2 masks indoors at CAMPUS 02 at all times and to consume food and drinks outdoors only

Obligation to report and further procedures in the event of sickness

If cases of COVID-19 are detected, they must be reported to CAMPUS 02 immediately (covid-19@campus02.at). We will then inform the affected course in a timely manner and actively send out the health authority’s information sheet in order to raise awareness. There are no plans for an automatic cessation of face-to-face teaching for the class, as in consultation with the health authority, this is currently not considered in terms of an appropriate consideration of measures.

Further recommendations

Please continue to work together to ensure that rooms are ventilated regularly and do not forget to close the windows and switch off the lights and air conditioning when leaving the lecture halls.

Regulations in their current version can be found in the Federal Law Gazette.