Conceptual design of cost unit accounting including project time recording and definition of monthly balancing entries

Period: March - October 2021
Contact: René Peter Thaller, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: Logistic Networking & Consulting GmbH (LNC)

To increase the informative value of monthly reporting, cost units must be identified. It must be determined from which project characteristics onwards individual cost units are to be created, respectively when “collective cost units” are to be used. Cost types must be classified in terms of their attribution to the cost units (overhead costs, direct costs). Allocations of overhead costs to the cost units must be designed.

After evaluating the actual process of project time recording, a target process is designed. Hourly rates are calculated together with the project client for defined functions and taken into account in the cost unit concept.

To ensure period purity during the year, closing entries for asset accounting, depreciation and special payments are proposed.

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