Increased efficiency for small businesses through digititalisation in accounting

Period: September 2020 – Jänner 2021
Contact: Alexandra Knefz-Reichmann, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences, Helga Hanslik-Czadul, acting Vice President BICO Styria
Cooperation Partner: Federal Association of Austrian Accountants (Bundesverband der österreichischen Bilanzbuchhalter, BÖB)

The Federal Association of Austrian Accountants (Bundesverband der österreichischen Bilanzbuchhalter, BÖB) is an independent non-profit organization that promotes, supports and advises on matters relating to (balance sheet) accounting, payroll accounting, controlling and other accounting issues. With regard to the professional profile of the accountant, the vision of a business partner is pursued. Numerous training courses are offered in order to provide the members with the best possible support.

Of course, digitalisation has long since found its way into the accounting area and requires flexibility of the employees, along with a wide range of adjustments in the processes and in the equipment. In order to support their members in the best possible way, the project aims to show the advantages and disadvantages of digitalisation in financial accounting and ultimately quantify them in monetary terms.

The focus of the project work is on small businesses in Austria which offer accounting as a service.

Amongst others, the following questions will be addressed:

– What is meant by „digital accounting“ ?
– Is digital accounting efficient? Can costs be saved?
– How could digital accounting be implemented? Which processes are suitable?
– Which impact has increasing digitalisation on customers, pricing und business models?

After extensive desk research, qualitative interviews will be held with experts in the field of digitalisation and financial accounting as well as IT specialists. The results will be summarized in a study and published.


Bundesverband der österreichischen Bilanzbuchhalter (BÖB)