MAGNA Powertrain | Building Blocks

Period: January - June 2022
Contact: René Peter Thaller, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: MAGNA Powertrain GmbH & Co KG

Conception of a methodology to measure the performance contributions of building blocks

At Magna Powertrain, the introduction of the so-called “Cross Functional Building Blocks” was started in 2020. The building block organisation was successfully implemented in 2021. Numerous initiatives have already been launched and potential for savings and reutilisation has been exploited. However, until the start of the project, the cooperation partner had suspected potential for improvement in the methodology of measuring the performance contributions.

Students of the Master degree programme of the year 2020 developed a practicable concept for the methodology of the economic measurement of the performance contributions of building blocks. The concept is based on the Savage-Niehans principle, Bayes’ rule, a benefit portfolio tailored for Magna Powertrain and the half-life concept. The concept was implemented in MS Excel.


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