Bachelor Degree Programme in
Business Informatics

There is no doubt that there are still too few business informaticians despite the growing demand in qualified IT specialists. To be able to operate successfully in an increasingly complex world of work, it is crucial to build up interdisciplinary, specialist knowledge and to put it into practice. To ensure that our students gain on-the-job experience, we also offer the Bachelor’s as an extra-occupational degree programme. Attendance times at CAMPUS 02 take place on Fridays starting at 13.45 and on Saturdays. This allows students to combine study and professional activities.

Business informaticians bridge the gap between business and engineering—career opportunities in this area are almost unlimited.

Language of instruction: German
Detailed information: Wirtschaftsinformatik Bachelor 


Bachelor Degree Programme in
Business Software Development

The cooperative degree programme is a unique possibility to combine university and on-the-job training. In this cooperative approach, students attend university classes during the entire first academic year. As from the third semester, attendance times are reduced to two days a week so that the students can work part-time at CAMPUS 02’s partner companies that offer a training place as part of this cooperation.

This purposefully-designed degree programme aims both at students interested in engineering and those interested in business. Equipped with skills from both areas of expertise, our graduates are able to work in a wide range of occupations.

Language of instruction: German
Detailed information: Business Software Development 


Bachelor Degree Programme in
Business Analytics & AI

A work-friendly full-time degree programme for your career as a data scientist

This degree programme contributes to overcoming the shortage of skilled workers in the area of informatics in a sustainable manner. Business Data Science graduates are skilled in the areas of software and web development, data and information visualisation and data science in particular, making them fit for the future and enabling them to work in a wide range of sectors. With its unique organisational form, the degree programme offers students another opportunity to gain specific subject-relevant work experience during their studies through scheduled intensive weeks and course blocks.

Language of instruction: German
Detailed information: Business Analytics & AI