Smart production and service solutions

Period: 01.05.2016 - 30.04.2019
Contact: Stefanie Hatzl, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: Univerza v Mariboru, Slovenski institut za kakovost in meroslovje, Evolaris next level GmbH, Forschung Burgenland GmbH, Fachhochschule Kärnten, Pomurski tehnološki park

The focus of the Interreg project  SMART PRODUCTION AND SERVICE SOLUTIONS is on supporting the increase of skills of production-oriented SMBs. This challenge is met by increasing the SMBs’ innovation skills and competitiveness on the global market with an interdisciplinary approach (certification of production processes, human resource management, use of advanced technologies and tools), interregional collaboration (East and West Slovenia, Styria, Burgenland and Carinthia) and the integration of competencies from different sectors (mechatronics, ICT, mechanical engineering, new materials, etc.).

The consortium comprises 7 competent partners that are divided into 2 groups according to their role in the project:

  • Group 1 is comprised of three “expert partners” that use their knowledge of tool development and improved business processes for smart factories, smart products and smart services (SIQ, EPF, CAMPUS 02).
  • Group 2 is comprised of the remaining four “regional partners” (PTP, Evolaris, FB, WING) that support and connect SMBs and take measures on a regional level.

Since (a) the project is in line with smart specialisation strategies of all participating regions and (b) the innovation system can only have a positive effect if all actors participate and their common goal is to set up appropriate conditions for the innovation culture of companies (Quadruple Helix partner), the project has two approaches:

  • The first approach “top-down” connects companies and detects interregional synergy effects through national measures.
  • The second approach “bottom-up” is based on the business opportunities of the selected interregional group of companies.

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