Strategy Check

Period: 2008 - 2010
Contact: Stefan Grünwald, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences

Achieving new and optimised services with the right strategy

The aim of the strategy check was to analyse its value-creation chain, processes, core competences and service portfolio at the time for identifying unexploited service potential. The procedure during the strategy check is based on a proven methodical approach for the development of services that are technology-oriented and accompany the product.

The margin of core products was and is decreasing in many classic sectors and industries. Consequently, services (that accompany products) were becoming increasingly important. Studies at the time showed that the opportunities and potential of new and/or additional services were often not recognised and tended to emerge by chance.

With the comprehensive strategy check companies were provided with impulses and recommendations on how they could turn into an innovative service provider and increase profit.

The strategy check aimed to answer the following questions for companies:

  • Which strengths and weaknesses characterise my current service competence?
  • Which opportunities and what potential does my current core product/my core service offer in relation to product and technology-oriented services?
  • Which competitive differentiation opportunities can an improved service portfolio offer my company?
  • How can I further professionalise and automate my service portfolio through the targeted use of IT?
  • How can I generate additional revenue with services?