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R&D with and for Businesses

CAMPUS 02 adapts its research and development activities to the needs of the industry. R&D at CAMPUS 02 is based on problem-oriented solution competence, structured and analytical procedures as well as innovative approaches on a scientific level. CAMPUS 02 is aware of industry demands and creates appropriate practical concepts and problem solutions, thus serving as a contact for entrepreneurs.

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Since 2007, the Degree Programme in Information Technologies & Business Informatics has researched systematic development and management of innovative (technical) services. In recent years, we have intensively dealt with existing approach models for product development and tested them in numerous projects together with partner businesses. Based on the results, we developed a unique phase-oriented, state-gate approach model and a tool box comprised of a number of tools appropriate for individual phases of the development and management process. This model serves as a guideline that supports companies in developing services, whereby sustainable product development is enabled in order to maintain competitiveness. It is our aim to create awareness of this topic’s significance for Austria, as a home to businesses, and its companies.

Core Research Areas

Existing competencies have been bundled into core research topics and particular emphasis is placed on the area of IT-based services. Therefore, the three core research and development areas are the following::

  • Service engineering – methodology for structured service development
    (a) applied research for optimising models and improving their applicability for small and middle-sized companies
    (b) agile approach for optimising service development
    (c) increase in degree of maturity when introducing (IT) services in the market
  • Smart services – autonomous systems for IT-based services
  • Development of mature, IT-based services for small and middle-sized companies

Research on these topics requires an interdisciplinary research team that is skilled in the following fields:

• Business administration and marketing
• Strategic management
• Process management
• Technology management
• Information technologies: internet technology, software engineering, security

R&D Services

The Degree Programme in IT & Business Informatics is, in a variety of ways, available to companies as partners. Besides acquiring comprehensive and subject-relevant skills, our students also receive practice-oriented training. With a variety of projects, the combination between theory and practice is implemented into the businesses together with our cooperation partners. For companies, the project results are measurable and of high quality.

The degree programme itself also offers options for cooperation partnerships. Companies have the opportunity to draw information from our broad knowledge pools and use our know-how. Through these partnerships, partners add value to their businesses by using the academic training’s quality established by working closely together with the degree programme.

In addition, CAMPUS 02’s and our partners’ projects can be funded by external programmes. By means of external funding, businesses profit from considerable advantages in the area of research, development and innovation.

For more information, please contact Mrs Elisabeth Pergler.

Events and Initiatives


ServTec Austria

In April 2011, we created the event ServTec Austria. It takes place every year and is a specialist forum for innovative services and new technologies and gives interested people the chance to get to know the topic through presentations by international experts and through best practice examples.

We consider ourselves a contact for all entrepreneurs and offer our support to companies that wish to become acquaint with the systematic development of services and that would like to introduce this strategy into their business. We offer a broad range of cooperation partnerships and supervise numerous theses and projects through teaching in the context of our core research area. In addition, we give advice and develop concepts as projects together with companies. Depending on the request, these projects can also be (co-)financed through funding.

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