Current R&D Projects

Below you can find an excerpt of our current projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in launching a project together with our degree programme.

RE-MAIN - REmote MAINtenance of Smart Industry Installations

The RE-MAIN project aims at improving the skills of VET students at European level in relation to remote maintenance of industrial equipment. In this field, digital transition has determined (and made it possible) that industrial plants of all kinds need to implement several changes to survive in the medium and long term. Thus, the application of the principles of the so-called Industry 4.0 in the maintenance of industrial plants is a strategic tool that increases the competitiveness of companies and, to an increasing extent, determines their very survival in a context of highly competitive markets. To date, existing training programmes in the field of industrial plant maintenance have been characterised by an eminently classroom-based approach. Although this kind of maintenance is still necessary to some extent, the reality is that the industrial sector is rapidly shifting towards models of remote maintenance thanks to the aforementioned new technologies.


Period: 01.01.2022 - 01.11.2024
Contact: Ioan Turcin (Automation Technology) and Selver Softic (IT & Business Informatics), CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: COMUNIDAD DE MADRID CRN Leganes (Lead Partner)


Identification of opinion leaders, enabler technologies and technology adoption paths of smart energy technologies

METSET investigates 2 sociological questions regarding smart energy technologies (SET) as a solution component of the smart grid. On the one hand, a deeper understanding of the significance of the adoption of SET in relation to other energy technologies and other smart technologies will be explored (technology adoption paths). On the other hand, SET personas (typical opinion profiles) will be developed. It is precisely the typification of SET users that supports a needs-oriented design of SET, which is needed for increased acceptance.


Period: 01 October 2021 – 30 September 2022
Contact: Stefanie Hatzl, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: Funding body: Province of Styria, Green Transformation, project management: CAMPUS 02, Degree Programmes in IT & Business Informatics, project partner: Karl Franzens University, Institute for Systems Science Innovation and Sustainability Research


SentiProMo is a software, developed based on research results of previous projects. The aim of the software is the digital representation of service processes in small and medium-sized enterprises and the analysis of related data. In particular, the research focus is on sentiment analysis.