FRIDAR – Frugal innovations through authentic and regional resources

Period: 03/2019 – 02/2021
Contact: Thomas Winkler, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences

Changing environments and the consequential loss of regional authenticity present tough challenges to many parts of Styria that used to be successful industrial or agricultural regions. To combat this loss, it is important to know which resources are already available in a region. It is more promising to use these tangible and intangible resources in an innovative way than to follow short-term trends that do not take into account regional characteristics.

On a scientific level, this means that the development of a strategy that combines two approaches to innovation is required: frugal innovation and resource-oriented thinking. The aim of this project is to identify WHAT characterises a region and HOW its identity can be used to support its authenticity and increase its value creation in an innovative manner.

The project FRIDAR has four main aims:

  1. The development of a classification system to identify, assess and show existing/authentic resources by means of resource-oriented thinking;
  2. The systematic generation of the pilot region’s “regional DNA” (rDNA) based on the findings;
  3. The use of this rDNA to revive the region’s authenticity and ability to create value; and
  4. The advancement of frugal innovation in the region.

Project funding: Land Steiermark

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