Research Project FOKUS

Contact: Michael Terler, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences

The probability of success of new products and services on the market depend heavily on the orientation of developments towards meeting customer needs. The earlier and more structured the needs are identified in the innovation process and are integrated into development, the smaller the chances of flopping on the market. FOKUS is a research project for developing and testing an SMB-applicable set of methods and tools based on two cases in business practice. To integrate customers into the innovation process, methods and procedures were identified and filtered based on criteria such as use, resources, optimisation of effort and risk optimisation. A special set of methods comprising the adaption, combination, improvement and further development of existing procedures was developed, while new methods under practice-relevant conditions using two business problems were evaluated.

The result of the project FOKUS was an innovation guideline that provides a practice-relevant set of tools regarding the target group of SMBs and therefore ensured the implementation and quick application into the business.

FOKUS model guidelines: free download

Read the guidelines online by clicking the page or follow this link: http://issuu.com/innoc02/docs/leitfaden_kundenbeduerfnisse?mode=window