Smart-Up – Supporting business creation and strengthening regional innovation capacities by building up, training and mentoring a cross-border start-up community

Period: 08/2017 - 01/2021
Contact: Thomas Winkler, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences

The overall aim of the project is to strengthen young businesses (<5 years of age) in the Austrian and Hungarian border region through mentoring and coaching and to establish a cross-border economic community. This way, a long-term basis for cooperation in innovation and business can be established and active collaboration between Austrian and Hungarian young businesses and start-ups can be promoted.

In the course of the project, individuals can make use of the mentoring and coaching services offered, while groups can benefit from workshops and consulting offered on-site. The method applied to evaluate innovation performance will be the same in both countries, making the comparison of individual values possible. The methods applied during group training and the forming of mixed pilot teams to evaluate selected ideas can be used by business partners even over the long term.


Funding programme: INTERREG
Project website: https://www.interreg-athu.eu/en/smartup/