Academic Course / Master Course (MBA) in
RESTART-UP® Management

RESTART-UP® stands for the renewal and further development of existing companies, public and semi-public organisations as well as regions and local authorities. Both, the university and the master course are academic education and training programmes which enable graduates to initiate RESTART-UP® activities and to systematically support organisations. Both courses are scientifically based and highly practice and implementation-oriented. They are based on:

  • current research findings in innovation management
  • application-proven innovation methods and processes
  • best practices from the INNOLAB (RESTART-UP® Support for the Degree Programmes in Innovation Management at CAMPUS 02)
  • Practical experience of lecturers

Academic vocational Training to become a RESTART-UP® manager

Both academic education and training programmes are designed for persons who work in public/semi-public institutions, in regions and municipalities as well as in companies and who are currently or will be in future responsible for the initiation, conception and implementation of RESTART-UP® projects. They will be qualified in 3 semesters to gain a qualification as Academic RESTART-UP® Manager or trained in 4 semesters to gain a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

After completion of the academic training programme, graduates are able to identify opportunities, potentials and trends as well as threats and risks at an early stage.  They will also be capable to identify renewal needs and to implement innovations in various areas. In the regional and local area, they will be able to identify innovation potential, to create structures conducive to change and to implement innovations to the benefit of the region or municipality. In companies (especially SMEs) or (semi)public organisations, RESTART-UP® managers take on the role of in-house experts for future-oriented company development.

The  programmes at a glance:




Ideal for working professionals who want to develop themselves and their working environment. Both academic training courses are therefore specially designed for extra-occupational students. Classes are offered with a high proportion of distance learning elements, while attendance-based teaching is limited to a maximum of 3 days per month.



Extra-occupational: 3 days of attendance per month (Thursday to Saturday) – classes will held at CAMPUS 02 in Graz, however, one or two courses will also be held in the Styrian regions.

Programme starts: March 2021


Akademic RESTART-UP® Manager Master of Business Administration, MBA

Approved study places


ECTS —> 60 or 90 CREDITS
Tuition fee: 3.750,00
Per semester. Plus Austrian National Union of Students’ contribution (currently 20.70 €)



Participants gain the necessary competences to identify the need for development and change, to plan the restart and to implement concrete measures. RESTART-UP managers can combine entrepreneurial and “out-of-the-box” thinking. They act as internal consultants and development platform within their organisation and are a link to external innovation experts and cooperation partners.

Their spectrum of competences ranges from skills in business administration, project management, innovation management and creativity techniques up to public management in public organisations. The ability to think and work in an interdisciplinary way is a must have criterion for the RESTART-UP academic training.

Application process

  • 01Online Application
  • 02Admission Test
  • 03Submission of further documents
  • 04Personal interview conducted by an admission committee

Note: Both programmes are held in German. Therefore the application process is also done in German.

Application deadline: 31.01.2021

Admission criteria

The academic course RESTART-UP Management (60 ECTS) is open to applicants who have a general university entrance qualification and can prove that they have been working in a relevant field for at least 2 years.

Admission criteria for the Master course RESTART-UP Management MBA (90 ECTS) are met with a completed Bachelor degree programme, a Diploma programme or the completion of an equivalent study degree programme at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution and at least 3 years professional experience.

The language of instruction is German. We therefore recommend German language skills of at least level B2 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Documents required for the application:

  • Motivational statement with motives for applying (free of form, 1 DIN-A4 page)
  • Curriculum vitae (in table format, not handwritten)
  • Citizenship or copy of passport
  • Evidence of fulfilment of the admission criteria (certificates, diplomas and other attestations)
  • Portrait or passport photo

Further Information

Oliver Wieser

CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Degree Programme in Innovation Management
Körblergasse 126, 8010 Graz, Austria

The Path to Your Programme

Application Deadline: 31.01.2021

Online Application

The path to your academic course/master course begins with registering. Once registered, you can apply online.

Application Test

During the online application you can choose your preferred application test date. The aim of the application test is to give you the opportunity to prove yourself and your skills. This test is therefore an integral part of the application process.

Submission of Application Documents

After the application test you have a week’s time to submit further application documents online and to complete your application.

Personal Interview

The last step towards your academic course/master course is the personal interview. The interview gives you the chance to prove yourself and your skills face-to-face.



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The University and Master course for a minset of renewal

Companies, (semi-)public organisations as well as regions and local authorities must continuously scrutinise their activities. They have to reflect on their fields of activity, restructure themselves or even completely reinvent themselves, if changes in the general conditions require it. In order to do so, they need people with a special mindset who are able to plan and implement such development and change processes in a goal-oriented manner.

The aim must be to anchor RESTART-UP® know-how within the organisation in order to remain economically successful, to avoid stagnation and to implement innovations as important drivers of ongoing development and “reinvention”.

In addition to tools, models and methods, RESTART-UP® is all about the mindset –  the mindset of renewal.

Innovations starting at a cost of zero euro

Innovations do not always require high investments. For this reason, RESTART-UP® Management is based on two main approaches.

The first central approach is “resource thinking”, the aim of which is to generate innovations and competitive advantages from already existing and usable resources of an organisation (material and immaterial resources as well as human resources) and from regional/geographical conditions.

The second essential approach is to understand and apply “Frugal Innovations”. Frugal innovations break with the widespread paradigm of “more and more, better and better” and represent simplified application-oriented solutions that focus on what is necessary. They are based on the principle “good enough and affordable”. The actual purpose required is in the focus and innovations are reduced from far-reaching functions to the essential.

The combination of these two approaches offers companies, organisations, regions and local authorities the chance of innovations starting at a cost of zero euro.


Possible fields of activity and work assignments for graduates of the university or master course (MBA) are listed here:

Academic RESTART-UP® Manager

  • RESTART-UP® Manager in companies or public/municipal facilities
  • Innovation manager in political offices, staff positions, professional chambers and other interest groups
  • Advisor in economic or innovation departments
  • Person in charge for innovation in location development
  • Head of innovation projects and reform teams
  • Associate in management consultancy and consulting

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Management positions in companies with a focus on RESTART-UP® and innovation
  • Senior positions in public/municipal institutions
  • Senior Consultants in management consultancies
  • Managing director in various industry sectors
  • Self-employed RESTART-UP® Manager
  • Entrepreneur, company successor

Views & Voices

Portait photo Barbara Eibinger-Miedl
The corona pandemic has led to profound changes and triggered an enormous push for digitalisation and innovation. Many of these developments will remain and determine our future lives. Domestic companies, regions, municipalities, but also non-profit organisations are therefore called upon to successfully implement restart-up processes. This requires appropriate know-how, which is why the new course comes at exactly the right time.
Barbara Eibinger-Miedl
State Councillor for Economy, Tourism, Regions, Science and Research
Many small and medium-sized enterprises, but also public and municipal organisations, are facing major challenges in the light of growing digitalisation: Target groups and business models are changing, trends must not be missed and new technologies are changing entire product and service worlds. This offers opportunities, but also risks. A successful future therefore largely depends upon being able to manage renewal and to actively face challenges.
Josef Herk
President, Styria Economic Chamber
Martin Auer
As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to adapt to changing conditions. However, it is largely underestimated that humans find it extremely difficult to leave well-trodden paths. We often shy away from experiments, even those in our thoughts. Even in a traditional profession like a bakery, innovative steps that are the basis for positive and relevant innovations cannot be taken without the right mindset. The question of how we can inspire employees, customers or guests can not be answered correctly unless we are prepared to go into depth and to question everything. RESTART-UP means defying any path dependency, because the urge to innovate and to achieve the decisive difference, is stronger.
Martin Auer
Managing Director of Martin Auer GmbH
As the 4th generation in a family business, I am used to live in the field of tension between tradition, present and future. It is important to preserve and appreciate the old, but it is also important to go your own way and to be be ready for further development. As a successor you have to find your individual way.  
Julia Fandler
Owner and Managing Director of Ölmühle Fandler GmbH and Styrian Entrepreneur of the Year 2019
Portrait photo Julia Fandler
Portrait photo Vinzenz Harrer
As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to keep reinventing existing businesses. Especially this year 2020 shows us that nothing can be taken for granted and that there is a constant need for renewal and development. If there are persons in your team who have studied the renewal and development process in a structured way and are therefore able to initiate and implement RESTART-UP projects, it is definitely a competitive advantage for your company. Therefore, I highly welcome the new academic training courses!
Vinzenz Harrer
Managing Director of Vinzenz Harrer GmbH
I am the fourth generation of the Hubmann family to run the traditional department store Hubmann and, together with my team, I have constantly developed the department stores in Stainz and Eibiswald. Especially in retail, regular development and renewal represent essential success factors in order to differentiate oneself from competitors on the one hand, and to inspire customers on the other. Our goal is to make the world a little better from Stainz.
Florian Hubmann
Managing Director of Hubmann Kaufhaus GmbH
Florian Hubmann
Portraitfoto Peter Koch
The Corona pandemic has hit us hard, health-wise, socially and economically. Therafter, we cannot simply carry on as before. Many companies, but also we as local authorities, are facing profound changes and need to start up new. This requires that we learn the right lessons from this crisis. That is why the new Restart-Up Manager master courses are a great opportunity for both graduates and their employers.
Peter Koch
Mayor of the City Bruck an der Mur
Today more than ever, even established companies must constantly reinvent themselves. RESTART-UP is the perfect description of this mindset and a methodical approach to the necessary processes.  
Ralf Mittermayr
CEO Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG
Portait photo Ralf Mittermayr


Small and middle-sized businesses (SMBs) in Styria can receive financial support through the Steirische Wirtschaftsförderung’s (SFG; Styrian company that provides financial support to Styrian SMBs) support programme “Erfolgs!Kurs”, if one of their employees is going to be a student of the two-tiered programme “RESTART-UP® MANAGEMENT” (university and master’s course). SMBs may submit an application (two applications per calendar year) and can secure funding of up to 50% of the eligible project costs (max. € 2,500.00),

Find more information on the SFG’s website (German only): https://www.sfg.at/f/weiterbildung/


Head of Academic and Master Course

Hans Lercher
Oliver Wieser

Hans Lercher

Head of Degree Programme

Oliver Wieser

Course Director

Lecturers & Research Scientists: Full-Time

Portrait Lisa Grobelscheg
Lisa Grobelscheg
Christian Gumpold
Börge Kummert
Nadja Schönherr
Michael Terler
Oliver Wieser

Lisa Grobelscheg

Research Assistant

Coordinator Internationalisation

Christian Gumpold

Deputy Head of INNOLAB

Börge Kummert

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Coordinator Bachelor Degree Programme Coordinator Divisions Systematic Innovation, Engineering, Business, Social Competence

Nadja Schönherr


Michael Terler

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Coordinator Master Degree Programme Coordinator Divisions Innovation & Business Development, Strategy & Law, Innovation Leadership

Oliver Wieser

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Lecturers & Research Scientists: Part-Time


Sandra Pilch
Beate Schrittwieser
Sandra Zettel

Sandra Pilch

Office Manager

Assistant to Head of Degree Programme Coordinator Admission Process MA, Lecturers, BA/MA Examinations Coordinator Marketing & PR, Study Guidance and Acquisition

Beate Schrittwieser

Office Manager

Sandra Zettel

Office Manager

Coordinator Admission Process BA Coordinator Students BA/MA, Re-examinations, Study Guidance

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