Bachelor Degree Programme in
Marketing & Sales

What’s it all about?

A dynamic economy and new business models require agile teaching. Experts from the industry and an innovative curriculum enable a highly practice-oriented academic education in full-time or extra-occupational form. The focus is primarily on the development of digital skills. In addition, a well-balanced combination of face-to-face and online teaching is designed to bring more flexibility into your daily study routine.

The Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales provides you with all the skills you need to actively shape the future as an expert in marketing and sales. In basic modules such as marketing, sales, digitalisation, market research, budgeting and controlling, you will acquire extensive knowledge about successful and market-oriented management. In the advanced modules you will become fit for the digital world in marketing and sales!

Full-time or extra-occupational – the degree programme at a glance:



Full-Time & Extra-Occupational

Extra-occupational: ideal for working professionals who want to further their education and for adults holding a school-leaving certificate who want to enter the working world during the programme.


Full-time:17 weeks/semester
Generally Mondays – Thursdays
occasional Fridays and Saturdays

Programme starts: 4 October 2022

Extra-Occupational: 17 weeks/semester
Generally Fridays, 14:30 – 21:30
and Saturdays, 08:00 – 16:00
occasional evenings during the week

At the beginning of the first semester:
From 12-17 September 2022 the intensive week will take place

Programme starts: 09 September 2022


Bachelor of Arts in Business, BA

Approved study places

per full-time & extra-occupational degree programme


Tuition fee: 363.36
Per semester. Plus Austrian National Union of Students’ contribution (currently 21,20 €) for EU and EEA nationals

Citizens from other countries - please visit our website www.en.campus02.at/tuition-fees/



Digital transformation is not only changing the disciplines of marketing and sales, but it is also putting people at the very centre more than ever before! In this degree programme, students learn to design strategies and to use tools and data actively and purposefully in order to reach customers through all channels. Because more than ever, customers expect a quick solution tailored to their individual needs.


  • Innovative curriculum with a digital focus
  • Experts from industry up close and personal
  • Flexibility through a balanced mix of classroom and online teaching
  • Work placement at home or abroad
  • Semester abroad possible to broaden horizons

Application process

  • 01Online Application
  • 02Admission Test
  • 03Submission of further documents
  • 04Personal interview conducted by an admission committee

Note: The Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales is predominantly held in German. Therefore the application process is also done in German.

Application deadline: WT 2023/24 Phase 1: 31 March 2023

Admission criteria

  • School-leaving certificate (Matura, A-Levels, maturity diploma, etc.)
  • university entrance qualification exam
  • or a specialised professional qualification (apprenticeship, etc.) and additional examination by CAMPUS 02
  • German language skills of at least level C1 according to the CEFR

Further Information

Melanie Stifter

CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales
Körblergasse 126, 8010 Graz, Austria

The Path to Your Programme

WT 2023/24 End of application phase 1: 31 March 2023


Admission Criteria

Online Application

The path to your programme starts with registration in our campus management system and the subsequent online application. If you have already studied at CAMPUS 02, registration is no longer necessary and you can apply directly in C02online.


BA Application Test

The application test offers you the opportunity to prove your suitability for the desired degree programme(s) and is therefore an important part of the application process. After successful submission and the first check of your online application, you will therefore receive an invitation to the application test by e-mail.


Submission of Application Documents

After the application test you have a week’s time to complete your application documents online in the self-service area.



Personal Interview

The last step towards your programme is the personal interview conducted by the board of examiners. The interview gives you the chance to prove yourself and your skills face-to-face or virtually.



Success in Business Is Market-Driven!

The best product, a grand idea and outstanding internal organisation are worth less when a single link is missing – the link to the customers. In the entrepreneurial process, marketing and sales are the only two areas with permanent and direct contact to the market.

Besides particular personal requirements, a distinct sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial understanding are required for career positions in these areas. Therefore, the Degree Programme in International Marketing & Sales Management is taught based on market-oriented company management.

Icon International


Learning by doing

The idea behind the internship is to give students the chance to gather professional experience besides their practice-oriented training at CAMPUS 02. This way, they get an early insight into the demands of the real business world.

Full-time students are required to gather 13 weeks of internship experience in the 5th semester.

Extra-occupational students who cannot provide proof of relevant professional experience are also required to gather 13 weeks of internship experience in the 5th semester.

Students can choose whether they want to do the internship in Austria or abroad. Gaining professional experience abroad puts students on the track to a successful career. They are given the opportunity to establish international connections, put theory into practice and get an insight into the other countries’ business worlds. Internships done abroad are special experiences that benefit students’ lives and shape their personalities.

Semester: 01 02 03 04 05 06


Due to the practice-oriented and broadly diversified education, graduates have excellent career opportunities in all industries – both on a national and international level:

  • Sales Assistant
  • (Digital) Marketing Assistant
  • E-commerce Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Junior Product Manager
  • Communication Manager


Marketing & Sales graduates are favoured academic experts with a strong sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial understanding. Fields of activity in successful businesses include:

  • Contribution to defining marketing and sales strategies
  • Market development and expansion support
  • Marketing and sales controlling
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Market analyses
  • Social media support
  • Corporate and product communication (online and offline)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales preparation and direct customer contact
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Sales

Views & Voices

I founded a technology-based start-up with my colleagues 4 years ago. Although we offer a technical product, marketing and sales is one of the most central topics we deal with and with which we can differentiate ourselves from the competitors. This degree programme provides an opportunity to gain in-depth expertise in these areas and will prepare you for the professional world in the best possible way. The fascinating thing about marketing is the opportunity to be creative and to be able to make a big difference with innovative ideas with little financial investment. Graduates of this degree programme will be highly welcome by all employers.  
Christoph Grimmer
Captain for the academic year 2021 Bachelor
CEO Efficient Energy Technology GmbH
"Programme modules of the Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales also reflect the principles of Saubermacher. Effective and efficient processes, economic market behavior, care for people and the environment - these are relevant cornerstones of successful corporate management. The degree program offers an extensive portfolio that serves to shape the future through innovative marketing and modern sales management. Students do not just learn theories. Due to the practice-relevance provided by lecturers from industry, internships and projects, they are prepared for a professional career in a particularly realistic manner. With their know-how, graduates will bring added value to every company."
Ralf Mittermayr
Captain for the academic year 2020 Bachelor
CEO Saubermacher Dienstleistung AG
"We have already been able to win four students from the Degree Programmes in International Marketing & Sales Management as employees at our company and they have enriched our young and highly motivated team tremendously. The proactive communication style Marketing & Sales students have with customers as well as their market-oriented perspective are absolutely essential for success on the market. Many companies are only able to gain a clear competitive edge when our innovative technologies are combined with the theoretical and technical expertise from Marketing & Sales. Students and graduates from this particular field can therefore greatly contribute to positive corporate development. At our company, they have already provided consulting to big, international customers and market leaders after an appropriate onboarding process and have also developed concepts that use solutions involving augmented reality, app and web technologies or artificial intelligence to support our customers in achieving their marketing and sales objectives."
Claus Degendorfer
Captain for the academic year 2019 Bachelor
CEO at CodeFlügel GmbH
"Marketing and sales form the foundation of every entrepreneurial activity to successfully position products and to market and sell them. Today’s markets are both digital and analogue. The Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing &  Sales provides you with the necessary practical expertise to be able to successfully move along the entire customer journey in a market- and customer-oriented fashion, both today and in the future."
Eva Koban-Röss
Product Manager Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales
Lecturer & Research Scientist
Portraitphoto of Eva Koban-Röss
Portrait photo Saskia Schwab
"The highlight of the Bachelor degree programme in Marketing and Sales is working in real projects from industry: from a market research project to mandatory work-experience in the 5th semester. This is the living transfer of theory into practice, something that significantly facilitates and supports entering the job market."
Saskia Schwab
BA Graduate 2018
Marketing Manager at Andritz AG
"The extra-occupational study enables us students to continuously integrate our experience from a wide variety of sectors into the degree programme and link it with the theoretical content of the programme. This provides us with new perspectives and food for thought for our personal everyday work."  
David Leiner
Bachelor Graduate 2018
Field Sales Manager innocent drinks
Portrait photo David Leiner


Head of Degree Programme

Portrait photo of Ursula Haas-Kotzegger
Ursula Haas-Kotzegger
Portrait photo of Stephan Heckmann
Stephan Heckmann

Ursula Haas-Kotzegger

Head of Degree Programme

Stephan Heckmann

Deputy Head of Degree Programme

Lecturers & Research Scientists: Full-Time

Doris Carini
Portrait photo of Martin Duque
Martin Duque
Portrait photo of Brigitte Fröhlich
Brigitte Fröhlich
Portrait photo of Stephan Heckmann
Stephan Heckmann
Portrait photo of Georg Jungwirth
Georg Jungwirth
Portrait photo of Dietmar Kappel
Dietmar Kappel

Doris Carini

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Martin Duque

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Product Manager Master Degree Programme in International Marketing

Brigitte Fröhlich

Research Assistant

Stephan Heckmann

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Product Manager Master Degree Programme in Sales Management

Georg Jungwirth

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Division Manager Research & Development

Dietmar Kappel

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Portrait photo of René Hubert Kerschbaumer
René Hubert Kerschbaumer
Portrait photo of Dagmar Klampfl
Dagmar Klampfl
(Wednesday - Friday)
Portrait photo of Eva Koban-Röss
Eva Koban-Röß
Portrait photo of Wilhelm Loibl
Wilhelm Loibl
Portrait photo of Astrid Oberzaucher
Astrid Oberzaucher
Portrait photo of Arjan Salhenegger
Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir

René Hubert Kerschbaumer

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Dagmar Klampfl

Research Assistant

Coordinator Work Placements & Internationalisation

Eva Koban-Röß

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Product Manager Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales

Wilhelm Loibl

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Product Manager Master Degree Programme in Digital Marketing Management

Astrid Oberzaucher

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Coordinator Know-how Transfer

Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Lecturers & Research Scientists: Part-Time


Portrait photo of Daniela Breitegger
Daniela Breitegger
Portrait photo of Eva-Maria Moitzi
Eva-Maria Moitzi
Portrait photo of Melanie Stifter
Melanie Stifter
Portrait photo of Angelika Strein
Angelika Strein
(Tuesday- Friday)
Portrait photo of Marianne Werber
Marianne Werber

Daniela Breitegger

Office Manager

Division Manager Team Office
Coordinator Scientific Work

Eva-Maria Moitzi

Office Manager


Melanie Stifter

Office Manager

Angelika Strein

Office Manager

Coordinator Examinations

Marianne Werber

Office Manager

Coordinator Course Planning

Project Assistants

Portrait photo of Sophia Zorn
Sophie Zorn

Sophie Zorn

Project Assistant

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