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„My teaching mobility at the Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) in the south of Finland was a very interesting crosscultural experience. On the one hand, I had the oppurtunity to present our research results on midsized companies and mostly family-owned hidden champions to students and lecturers at the Degree Programme in International Business. On the other hand, I had the unique opportunity to meet not only Finnish colleagues, but also teachers and staff from many other European Universities  during the international week at HAMK also called „Freezing Week“ which takes place every year at the beginning of February. From discussions with my colleagues I could gather valuable inputs and new ideas for our internationalisation efforts at CAMPUS 02.“

Georg Jungwirth, Full-time Lecturer, CAMPUS 02
Outgoing Teaching Mobility, Host University: HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland, February 2017                      

Prof. Sven Cravotta©Cravotta

“Family businesses represent a particular type of business in national economies: Depending on the definition and country, the share of family businesses in terms of the total number of businesses is between 50 und 96 percent. Whereas this type of business is particularly represented in Germany and Austria, many of them are located in Southern Germany and Styria. As Dean of the SRH Hochschule Calw I am very delighted to put more attention to future research activities in this field together with our strong cooperation partner CAMPUS 02.“

Sven Cravotta, Dean SRH Calw, Germany
Incoming Teaching Mobility, summer semester 2017