Master Degree Programme in
Sales Management


In a leadership role in sales management you will focus on the development and formulation of business strategy. Based on that, you will produce a sales strategy through which you will determine the sales concept of individual areas. You will be responsible for determining pricing & condition policy whilst playing a key role in the creation of product ranges and the customer service portfolio.

Your key sales management tasks also include organising and leading the sales department. Nowadays, modern sales control is no longer possible without qualified planning and management using data based indicator systems. With a practice-oriented project with and for companies students practice using modern marketing/sales tools

The Master Degree Programme in Sales Management offers:

• all skills related to sales management in order to fulfil challenging tasks in this field, from strategy development to practical implementation
• all personal competences to fulfil management tasks
• the skills to meet future challenges of smart industries, corporate digitalisation and sustainable business leadership in a self-confident way
• the importance of people as a success factor and the relevance of sustainable corporate management


The degree programme at a glance:




Ideal for the working professionals who want to develop further and for students without professional experience who want to enter the working world during the programme.


Extra-Occupational: 17 weeks/semester
Generally Fridays, 14:30 – 21:30
Saturdays, 08:00 – 16:00
occasional evenings during the week

At the beginning of the first semester:
One intensive week from mid-September

Programme starts: Mid September


Master of Arts in Business, MA

Approved study places


Tuition fee: 363.36
Per semester. Plus Austrian National Union of Students’ contribution (currently 20.70 €) for EU and EEA nationals

Citizens from other countries - please visit our website www.en.campus02.at/tuition-fees/



Sales Manager Training:
The Master degree programme provides sales management training and equips you with all modern tools needed for the confident handling of customer wishes, business targets and your own interests.


Application process

  • 01Online Application
  • 02Admission Test
  • 03Submission of further documents
  • 04Personal interview conducted by an admission committee

Note: The Master Degree Programme in Sales Management is predominantly held in German. Therefore the application process is also done in German.

Application deadline: WT 2022/23 Phase 1: 31 March 2022

Admission criteria

The admission criterion for the Master Degree Programme in Digital Marketing Management is a completed, subject-relevant Bachelor or Diploma degree programme from a recognised, postsecondary academic institution in Austria or abroad.

The two-level system of academic training (Bachelor’s and Master’s) also allows graduates from other degree programmes and other home and foreign universities of applied sciences to study a Master’s degree at CAMPUS 02.

Further information


Further Information

Bettina Stangl

CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales
Körblergasse 126, 8010 Graz, Austria

The Path to Your Programme

WT 2022/23 Application Deadline Phase 1: 31 March 2022

Admission Criteria

Online Application

The path to your programme starts with registration in our campus management system and the subsequent online application. If you have already studied at CAMPUS 02, registration is no longer necessary and you can apply directly in C02online.


MA Application Test

The application test offers you the opportunity to prove your suitability for the desired degree programme(s) and is therefore an important part of the application process. After successful submission and the first check of your online application, you will therefore receive an invitation to the application test by e-mail.

Submission of Application Documents

After the application test you have a week’s time to complete your application documents online in the self-service area.



Personal Interview

The last step towards your programme is the personal interview conducted by the board of examiners. The interview gives you the chance to prove yourself and your skills face-to-face or virtually.


Sales Have a Key Position in Business

The Master Degree Programme in Sales Management trains future senior managers to be able to successfully balance conflicting priorities such as implementing customer demands within the company whilst representing business interests when dealing with customers.

Equipped with all the modern tools of sales management and sales organisation, you will learn how to cope with balancing areas of conflict such as customer demands, company goals and your own interests. You will acquire the skills needed to rise to this challenge on a national and international level within each sector (retail/service/manufacturing), regardless of the company’s size and field.

Sales is an integral part of any company. The direct contact with customers makes employees and senior managers assume a great deal of responsibility. As “sellers of customer interests” within the company, they interact with many other departments. Therefore, knowledge of company-wide relations is indispensable, as it is the ability to act within such a framework. These leadership tasks require not only farsightedness and planning, but also successful management of the balancing act between company interests on the one hand and market demands on the other.

Semester: 01 02 03 04


Surveys show that academically-trained sales management staff is highly demanded. As a Master graduate you will therefore find career opportunities in all companies, organisations and establishments that have implemented a structured approach to customer relationships management.

The following exciting positions are waiting for you:

  • Head of Sales Management
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Manager (regional, industry-specific or cross-sectoral)
  • Head of Sales Force
  • Technical Sales Associate
  • Sales Controller
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Management Assistant (Sales)
business, technology and internet concept - businessman pressing e-commerce button on virtual screens


The main tasks of a sales manager executive include

  • To design and manage the sales organisation and to define the sales-related processes
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Identification of suitable forms and channels of distribution
  • Dealing with digital distribution and mastering changing customer expectations and distribution processes
  • Development and management of key account management
  • Development and coordination of sales planning and budgeting
  • Key performance indicator-based control of the sales department
  • People management and development

Views & Voices

The modern work environment, like at HOFER, is characterised by volatile markets, dynamic developments as well as the art of adaptability and digitalisation in all business areas. In order to keep up with this market speed and the changes in the framework conditions, and to take on a pioneering role oneself, a willingness to be flexible, to continuously train and develop is a prerequisite. Employees with such an attitude and innovative spirit are considered high potentials at HOFER. And this is exactly the kind of high potentials who can set their course for the future in the Master Degree Programme in Sales Management: Tailor-made classes and exciting practical work provide students with an optimal combination of sound knowledge and practice. Thanks to this interdisciplinary know-how, graduates are perfectly positioned to quickly and effectively set impulses in the business of the future.  
Gunther Deisting
Captain for the academic year 2021 Master Sales Management 2021
Managing Director Branch Office Hausmannstätten/HOFER KG
"Sales is the face of a company and should convince potential customers to buy its products and services. To achieve this, you need professionalism combined with in-depth knowledge of customer needs and decision-making processes. In the Master Degree Programme in Sales Management at CAMPUS 02, the necessary knowledge, tools and their possible applications are imparted in a practical way which provides you with an excellent basis for your further professional career."
Herbert Pfeilstecher
Captain for the academic year 2020 Master Sales Management
CEO Sattler AG
"Sales is a crucial pillar in every successful company. Modern sales consists of understanding the customer and their environment and solving problems with suitable products and services. In these four semesters, you will gain the expertise and skills required for a successful career in sales management. Current research and digital changes coupled with continuous practical application prepare you optimally for the challenges of today and tomorrow."
Stephan Heckmann
Coordinator Division Sales Management
Lecturer & Research Scientist
"For me, sales management is the understanding of customer requirements and the ability to transform them into solutions with real added value, without losing sight of the sustainable success of your company."  
Manuel Meier
Marketing graduate
Project Manager Technical Sales Jungheinrich Systemlösungen GmbH
Portrait photo Manuel Meier


Head of Degree Programme

Portrait photo of Ursula Haas-Kotzegger
Ursula Haas-Kotzegger
Portrait photo of Bettina Stangl
Bettina Stangl

Ursula Haas-Kotzegger

Head of Degree Programme

Bettina Stangl

Deputy Head of Degree Programme

Division Manager Office

Lecturers & Research Scientists: Full-Time

Portrait photo of Vida Bicman
Vida Bicman
Portrait photo of Martin Duque
Martin Duque
Portrait photo of Brigitte Fröhlich
Brigitte Fröhlich
Portrait photo of Stephan Heckmann
Stephan Heckmann
Portrait photo of Georg Jungwirth
Georg Jungwirth
Dietmar Kappel

Vida Bicman

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Coordinator Division Languages Coordinator Internationalisation

Martin Duque

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Product Manager Master Degree Programme in International Marketing

Brigitte Fröhlich

Research Assistant

Stephan Heckmann

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Product Manager Master Degree Programme in Sales Management

Georg Jungwirth

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Division Manager Research & Development

Dietmar Kappel

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Portrait photo of Dagmar Klampfl
Dagmar Klampfl
(Wednesday - Friday)
Portrait photo of Eva Koban-Röss
Eva Koban-Röß
Wilhelm Loibl
Portrait photo of Astrid Oberzaucher
Astrid Oberzaucher

Dagmar Klampfl

Research Assistant

Coordinator Work Placements & Internationalisation

Eva Koban-Röß

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Division Manager Teaching Product Manager Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales

Wilhelm Loibl

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Astrid Oberzaucher

Lecturer & Research Scientist

Coordinator Know-how Transfer

Lecturers & Research Scientists: Part-Time


Portrait photo of Daniela Breitegger
Daniela Breitegger
(Monday to Friday mornings)
Portrait photo of Eva-Maria Moitzi
Eva-Maria Moitzi
Portrait photo of Brigitta Pinegger
Brigitta Pinegger
(Tuesday - Friday)
Portrait photo of Angelika Strein
Angelika Strein
(Tuesday- Friday)
Portrait photo of Marianne Werber
Marianne Werber

Daniela Breitegger

Office Manager

Coordinator Scientific Work

Eva-Maria Moitzi

Office Manager

Communication & Sales

Brigitta Pinegger

Office Manager

Coordinator Student Services

Angelika Strein

Office Manager

Coordinator Examinations

Marianne Werber

Office Manager

Coordinator Course Planning

Project Assistants

Portrait photo of Sophia Zorn
Sophie Zorn

Sophie Zorn

Project Assistant

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