Innovation and resilience among family-run global and European market leaders from Austria

Period: January 2019 - July 2019
Contact: Georg Jungwirth
Cooperation Partner: Christoph Robinson, Managing Director Julius Raab Stiftung

The primary research objective of this study, which was commissioned by the Julius Raab Foundation, was on the one hand to investigate why family-run global and European market leaders from Austria are so innovative. In the course of this project, the main objective was to find out how these approximately 200 companies organise their innovation processes, how research and development is organised and which internal preconditions must be met for a successful innovation process.

A central object of the study was also to capture the influencing factors that enable, promote or prevent innovations.

On the other hand, another focus of the research project was to analyse why these internationally successful companies have shown such a high degree of resilience in the past and why most of them developed positively during the global economic and financial crisis after 2008.

Podcast episode of the Julius Raab Foundation on the study carried out (German Language