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Sector Image Analysis for Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH (Styrian Timber Cluster)

Period: March 2014 – October 2014
Contact: Georg Jungwirth, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: Erhard Pretterhofer, Managing Director of the Styrian Timber Cluster GmbH

With around 140 member companies in forestry and the wood industry as well as in related sectors (such as the paper and pulp industry), Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH is one of the strongest clusters in Europe. With a focus on wood construction, the company conducts projects along the entire value-creation chain of wood.

The study for Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH focussed on research questions, such as:

  • According to prospective employees, what image does the Styrian forest and wood industry project compared to other sectors?
  • What image does the forest, wood and paper industry project according to pupils from vocational schools with a focus on wood (agricultural and forestry schools, technical and business schools)?
  • How do pupils from schools without a link to the wood industry (secondary academic schools, secondary technical and vocational schools and colleges such as HAK or HLW) see these sectors?
  • How attractive are apprenticeships in the forest and wood industry for pupils of polytechnics?

More than 750 Styrian pupils from the three target groups mentioned above were surveyed with three separate written quantitative substudies.