Equal opportunities for all are a basic tenet of EU policy. Across the EU, common legislation outlaws discrimination on the basis of gender, racial or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief. The EU has specific strategies for combating discrimination and xenophobia and for promoting social inclusion.

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Gender roles of men and women marked by societal, social and cultural influences are – unlike their “biological sex” – learned and thus also changeable.

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This means, in all societal dealings, taking into account the different life situations and interests of men and women in advance and regularly, since there is no such thing as a sex-neutral reality more information

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The objectives are to achieve a productive overall atmosphere (in companies), to prevent the social discrimination of minorities, and to improve equal opportunities. Differences are, on the one hand, external noticeable differences, with the most important being sex, ethnicity, age and disability, and, on the other hand, subjective differences such as sexual orientation, religion and lifestyle.


CAMPUS 02 was named the “Most Family Friendly Business in Styria” in the category of non-profit organisations by the initiative Taten statt Worte in 2015.

UNIABILITY is a consortium for promoting equalisation of people with disabilities and chronic health problems in Austria’s universities and universities of applied sciences.

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In cooperation with CAMPUS 02, zam Steiermark GmbH – Regionalstelle nowa offers software development training for women.

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