Centre for Teaching Excellence

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Lecturers with strong specialist, pedagogical and didactical competences are the basis for high quality teaching at CAMPUS 02. The Centre of Teaching Excellence offers full-time and part-time lecturers academic vocational training and a range of additional services related to the area:


To meet your specific demands, we offer internal, tailored academic vocational training and education programmes. In addition, we are happy to inform you on external offers in this area.

More information on  academic vocational training

To help you with the design of lecture concepts and teaching in the best way, we provide individual coaching in the area of academic didactics.

Find more information on our coaching & consultancy services

Find more information on technology enhanced learning

The digital revolution indisputably affects almost all areas of life — and it does not leave higher education untouched. The Centre for Teaching Excellence (Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik, ZHD) supports the didactics-oriented use of technology to improve innovative teaching and learning environments.

More information on technology-enhanced learning at CAMPUS 02

CAMPUS 02 particularly honours the implementation of innovative and high quality teaching concepts that meet the didactical demands of our university of applied sciences. Every two years we award a € 2,000 prize for an outstanding concept.

More information on the   Teaching Award

In order to support you in the best possible way with your personal training in the area of teaching competence, we offer a constantly increasing compilation of information and materials on the topic in our  Intranet.


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