Coaching & Counselling

We offer individual coaching and consultancy appointments in all areas of academic didactics!

As part of our coaching and consultancy services, we offer consultancy and support e.g. on ….

  • … Learning/teaching theories, concepts in academic didactics,
  • … The creation of a course unit schedule
  • … Particular teaching methods and their effective use in course units
  • … The setup, structure, design, etc.. … of course materials
  • … Performance evaluation and assessment

and more…

In times of digitalisation, different technologies are increasingly being used in tertiary education to improve learning outcomes of students as well as teaching and learning experiences and to guarantee high-quality and state-of-the-art teaching practice. Among the technologies used are Moodle, Office 365, Social Media Tools, tools for creating video lectures, SMART boards and many more.

To help you use the potential of these technologies in your course units, our coaching and consultancy services focus on:

  • Technology-based teaching and learning scenarios
  • Using technologies in teaching
  • Technology-based teaching and law

and more …

The best way to look at your teaching is to start a conversation with us. Please contact us via to find out about which service is the most appropriate for improving your teaching practice

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