for part-time lecturers

CAMPUSonline, the campus management system, developed by Graz University of Technology, will support us in our daily university processes as “C02online”, starting in the academic year 2021/22. Preparations for the system implementation are almost completed. Here you can find out, how to get your C02online access and which IT adjustments are associated with it.

How to obtain your C02online account

Do you currently have a teaching contract as a part-time lecturer? If so, you will receive a PIN code by post, which you must redeem once in C02online.

  1. To redeem your PIN code for C02online, open the web address https://online.campus02.at and click on “Part-time lecturers”.
  2. Enter your PIN code and date of birth and click on “Save”
  3. Select a password according to the given criteria. Remember your new user name and password, as from 28.07.2021 you will only be able to access all FH CAMPUS 02 IT services with these! Click on “Save”.
  4. Your user account has been created. Click on “Next”
  5. You can now enter C02online with your user name and password!

You will then have access to C02online. Currently, only a few applications are available; however, during the summer, gradually all required applications will be activated for you. Training courses for part-time lecturers will be held in autumn.

What has changed?

The data of your user account are:
  • Username: n + 5-digit number  (Example: n12345))
  • Email address: firstname.lastname@lv.campus02.at
  • Password: When you have redeemed the PIN code in C02online, you have assigned a password. This will be valid for all services of CAMPUS 02 with immediate effect.

In the course of the C02online introduction, the following IT adjustments were made to facilitate the administration of teaching operations:

Topic Access Username
Student information system https://online.campus02.at User name (Example: n12345)
Microsoft Office 365 (incl. Outlook and Teams) https://portal.office.com User name@lv.campus02.at (Example: n12345@lv.campus02.at
Moodle https://moodle.campus02.at User name (Example: n12345)
Computers at CAMPUS 02 premises -- User name (Example: n12345)
Remote Desktop https://remotepc.campus02.at User name@lv.campus02.at (Example: n12345@lv.campus02.at
Wireless network EDUROAM User name@lv.campus02.at (Example: n12345@lv.campus02.at
Library https://en.campus02.at/study-and-teaching/library/ User name (Example: n12345) or Email address(Example: firstname.lastname@lv.campus02.at)

Next steps

From now on, only your C02online user name and your C02online password as well as the new e-mail address are valid for all IT services of FH CAMPUS 02.

From this point on, we ask you to set up the account data for your mailboxes, teams or OneDrive again in order to avoid problems when accessing these services.

Have you forgotten to redeem  your PIN-Code? In this case, please redeem your PIN code as soon as possible and you will automatically regain access to all IT services at CAMPUS 02 with your new user data.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our IT Service desk under servicedesk@campus02.at or +43 316 6002-766.