Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is optional. However, it is to be noted that the application process is based on a strict scoring system and with your employer’s support (letter of recommendation) you earn important points.

No, usually all classes take place on Fridays and Saturdays. In rare cases, classes may be cancelled and possibly postponed to one or two evenings during the week. In the first semester, the course Basics in Physics takes place during the week in the evenings.

Yes, as a technical college graduate, you can be given ECTS credits for many courses (depending on the college orientation) you attended. How you can have courses accepted is explained during the enrolment at the beginning of the semester.

You are generally expected to attend 75 % of the classes. If you attend less than 75 % in one or more courses, you lose one (out of three) attempt to pass the exam. You can be excused with a letter written by your employer stating that you are on a business trip or by your doctor in case you have fallen ill.

You have three opportunities to pass an exam: 1st attempt, 2nd attempt and the last and 3rd attempt is a committee examination.

Yes, but under certain conditions. You need to speak with the Head of the Degree Programme and submit a written request, which has to be accepted by him/her.

No, being employed is not a requirement. At one point during the degree programme however, you are expected to do an internship lasting 15 week. If you are not employed in a subject-relevant field, you are required to do an internship in a subject-relevant business within the same time frame.

Every year before the academic year starts, we offer courses to re-fresh skills in Mathematics, English, Descriptive Geometry and Chemistry. Further information will be provided after you have been accepted to the degree programme.

The tuition fee always has to be before the academic year starts. Prior to the start of the semester, you will receive an email with all payment details. If you do not pay the fee on time, even after having received multiple reminders, you will be excluded from the degree programme. Once you have paid you can find the payment details and confirmation of enrolment in MyElisa and print them for public authority procedures.

Of course! You can re-apply again every year! Unfortunately we have a limited number of study places; therefore we cannot accept all applicants.

With mobility programmes such as Erasmus+ you can spend a semester abroad.

You are expected to undertake an internship within the 6 semesters of the Bachelor degree programme. You can decide whether you want to divide the 15 weeks into a few shorter placements or complete it in one go. Students employed in subject-relevant businesses are not required to undertake a placement.