Research & Development

R&D With and For Businesses

CAMPUS 02 adapts its research and development activities to the needs of the industry. R&D at CAMPUS 02 is based on problem-oriented solution competence, structured and analytical procedures as well as innovative approaches on a scientific level. CAMPUS 02 is aware of industry demands and creates appropriate practical concepts and problem solutions, thus serving as a contact for entrepreneurs.

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R&D in the Degree Programme in Automation Technology

As a research partner for the industry the Degree Programme in Automation Technology offers extensive knowledge in the area of mechatronics. The cooperative and scientific approach ensures results and yields an extent of new findings that exceeds the scope of the customer’s order by far. This approach is particularly valuable for generating new ideas and in innovation, where some conditions are not yet determined and engaging the services of technical offices would not be possible and useful. Generally speaking, there are multiple ways of funding projects in such high-tech areas. At CAMPUS 02, our R&D Coordinator coordinates funded projects across the university of applied sciences.

The Degree Programme in Automation Technology is also considered a trend scout for technical areas. New technologies and methods that are being researched and developed in these areas are made available to the industry. The acquired knowledge is also used for teaching purposes, so that students gain immediate access to the content of current R&D topics.

Core Research Areas

In automation technology, research and development topics are dominated by the following five areas:

  • Industrial measurement technology and measurement automation
  • Virtual methods and simulation in development
  • Process optimisation with PLCs (programmable logic controllers), mobile devices and RFID
  • Optimisation of energy efficiency
  • Development of prototypes and demonstrators

Specialist Fields

In the area of automation, it is very common that complex tasks cannot be elaborated from the perspective of a single area of expertise. Therefore, it is self-evident that our specialist fields are very closely linked so that the best possible results can be achieved.

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Laboratory Equipment

The Degree Programmes in Automation Technology have their own laboratory, in which R&D is put into practice. For these applied R&D purposes, CAMPUS 02 has an array of machines and measurement devices that can be divided into the following groups:

A complete listing of the available laboratory equipment in the Degree Programmes in Automation Technology can be found here.

R&D Projects

Below you can find an excerpt of our completed and current projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in launching a project together with our degree programme.

R&D Cooperation Options

The Degree Programmes in Automation Technology are, in a variety of ways, available to companies as partners:

  • Teaching: R&D topics as student projects and Bachelor/Diploma theses
  • Lecturers: R&D projects run by lecturers independently outside of the scope of teaching
  • Classic contract R&D
  • Funded projects: degree programmes are available as project partners or lead partners

For these services, the Degree Programmes in Automation Technology have the following equipment at their disposal:

  • Several industry standard software packages from our specialist fields in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (especially electronics) and informatics
  • Interdisciplinary products, e.g. for simulation purposes