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Did you study at CAMPUS 02? If so, we would be delighted for you to keep in touch with your alma mater so that you can maintain close ties with your university of applied sciences in the future.





What do our students do after they have graduated? This might seem like a simple question, yet it is difficult to answer since each CAMPUS 02 degree programme offers a wide range of career opportunities. Would you like to find out about the careers our graduates have chosen? Let us introduce you to the following representative alumni:

 Monika Kokol
Monika Kokol
Graduate in the Degree Programmes in Information Technologies & Business Informatics
Requirement Engineer and Application Manager at Energie Steiermark
“What has benefitted me at work besides the knowledge I have acquired and personal progress I have made is the skill to critically analyse and look at individual aspects from various perspectives in order to find holistic solutions.”
Manuel Schmölzer
Graduate in the Degree Programmes in Innovation Management
Founder & Head of Sales, Studo und Head of Culture, at Moshbit GmbH
 Manuel Schmölzer
“It has always been my goal to become self-employed and the degree programme I chose has provided me with the expertise to do so. What has benefitted me the most is the network that I built up during my time at CAMPUS 02.”   Click here for more information (German)
 Thomas Hörzer
Thomas Hörzer
Graduate in the Degree Programmes in International Marketing & Sales Management
Managing Shareholder at Hörzer Eisen & Metall
“Through my studies I have not only acquired specialist expertise in business administration, but also the tool kit to tread new paths using a strategic approach. These competences are vital for entrepreneurs like myself.”
Marie-Luise Kurahs
Graduate in the Degree Programmes in Financial Accounting & Management Accounting
Tax Consultant and Holder of a General Commercial Power of Attorney at Binder Grossek & Partner
 Marie-Luise Kurahs
“The degree programme offered at CAMPUS 02 has perfectly united financial accounting, business administration and law.”  
 Florian Spitzer
Florian Spitzer
Graduate in the Degree Programmes in Automation Technology
Development Engineer at CharismaTec
“Besides the fundamental skills of engineering, I have also acquired fundamental skills of business as well as soft skills. I considered these competences to be especially important for my profession.”

Services for Alumni

If you need a duplicate of your Bachelor’s /Master’s/Diploma certificate – theft report or notice of loss required – or confirmation of your study period, please contact the degree programme office responsible:

CAMPUS 02 Community Club is an independent association for CAMPUS 02 graduates and lecturers. To access the club’s facebook site click here.

CAMPUS 02 offers seminars in different areas to employees during the summer holidays. Since 2016, alumni also have the opportunity to participate at reduced costs. More