From the Idea to the Market

To maintain a competitive edge, companies require innovative ideas, new and improved products or services as well as the right market approach. As a company-oriented university of applied sciences, CAMPUS 02 provides comprehensive services for the industry. Therefore, CAMPUS 02’s research mission is to actively support Styrian companies – from the idea to the market.

Research and Development

At CAMPUS 02, we emphasise the inextricable link between our R&D activities and their use for the industry. With innovative approaches on a scientific level, structured procedures and practice-oriented solution competences, we provide comprehensive services for the industry. Our R&D approach’s particular strengths are creating and realising practicable concepts into functioning prototypes and developing useful sector-independent tools for businesses.


Innovative and sustainable ideas are at the heart of new and improved products and services. CAMPUS 02 has the methodical knowledge for systematically generating ideas and supporting all topics – from the idea to its realisation. With the aim of increasing competitiveness, our expertise ensures a structured approach to new product concepts, improvements and innovative services.

Technology Transfer

Numerous new technologies are developing at a rapid pace and are offering new options in production and services. For small and middle-sized businesses (SMBs) it is challenging to find appropriate technologies next to their everyday activities. CAMPUS 02 supports the SMB industry in Styria with expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. Based on our expert knowledge, we can recommend the most economic new technology and create a prototype to accommodate Styrian businesses’ individual requirements. In parallel, CAMPUS 02 advances knowledge through implementation-oriented research projects and immediately transfers that research to the industry.