Doculus Lumus – Mobile device for the verification of document authenticity

Contact: Dieter Lutzmayr, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: charismaTec OG

An innovative mobile device for the verification of document authenticity

With the support of the Degree Programmes in Automation Technology at CAMPUS 02 and a specialist for document security, charismaTec OG in Graz has developed the Doculus Lumus, an innovative device for verifying document authenticity.

For the first time, it is possible to reveal the optical and digital secrets of passports, cash notes, IDs as well as of art objects and jewellery. The device’s magnifying glass lense and many light options give the user such high resolution that many different document security features can be examined. A novel feature is the rotating oblique light mode for the identification of intaglios and colour-changing elements. Another highlight is that any passport security chip can be checked quickly and wirelessly using NFC (Near Field Communication). CEO at charismaTec OG, Sandra Slavinec, is more than satisfied with the results: “With the help of the specialists at CAMPUS 02 and due to the excellent team work between the teams in electronics, 3D printing and micro controller programming, we could realise Doculus Lumus in a record-breaking time of under a year from the idea to batch production readiness”.

The methods used in 3D printing allowed the manufacturing of a housing for the prototype that is ready for batch production. The housing has been intensively tested by the police in Austria and abroad, and by the criminal investigation authority in Graz. According to Matthias Draxler, document security specialist and trainer of the police department in Styria, “the device is unique and has many innovative features that facilitate the police’s mobile activities regarding document authenticity verification.”

Doculus Lumus is now being produced in batches and is on the market. For more information, please see www.doculuslumus.com.