Energy Analytics & Solution Lab

Contact: Matthias Primas, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: FH Joanneum, UAS

Digital energy research labs for analysing core areas in the energy value chain

The aim of the project ENERGY ANALYTICS & SOLUTION LAB is to be able to analytically describe and develop core areas in the existing and future energy value chain in lab conditions. For this purpose, a digital energy research laboratory will be built both at the University of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM in Kapfenberg and at CAMPUS 02 in Graz. The project also includes the installation of renewable energy generation systems, hybrid energy systems with energy storage hubs, charging stations for electric mobility, and measurement and automation components on both sites. With these components, it will be possible to analyse, develop and improve existing and future questions relating to energy and business models. In addition, the labs will be suitable for investigating innovative charging technologies for electric mobility and their technical implications, electromagnetic compatibility and effects on health.