Robot Cell

Contact: Christian Gasser, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Partner: Talentcenter, Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark

Promoting engineering and technology with a robot arm at the WKO Talentcenter

The Talentcenter was founded by the Styria Economic Chamber (WKO Steiermark) and has over 30 test stations where young people can try out different tasks to find out what skills and talents they have. The Degree Programmes in Automation Technology at CAMPUS 02 developed one of the test stations. In the shape of a robot cell, the station allows visitors to investigate their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Using a simple remote control that resembles one of video game consoles, the visitors can move a robot arm in a three-dimensional space. The aim of the task is to pick up a ball and to drop it into a basket using the arm. To be able to fulfil this task, precision, a high level of concentration and apprehensive skills are required. The task encourages visitors to develop an interest in engineering and technology in a playful way.

Since visitors have shown great interest in this station, more robot cells with new tasks are being developed for the Talentcenter.

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