Accompanying Projects

Accompanying Projects is a course unit that begins in the 3rd semester and lasts for three semesters. In teams, students choose a project task or are given one by their supervisors that is usually fulfilled within one semester. The tasks include typical issues in automation technology, such as:

  • CAN (Controller Area Network)  bus system
  • Mechatronics/Mechanical Engineering – Robotics
  • PLC system technology (programmable logic controller)
  • RFID (radio frequency identification)
  • PC interface technology
  • DEWEsoft (universal data collection)
  • Microcontroller technology

In addition, current topics in R&D projects are also offered. Students choose three topics (one of which must be PLC), one for each semester, and work on them in teams within a certain time period. In order to make this interesting regardless of the professional training and previous experience, different priorities are set within the topic of PLC.

Team work is protocolled and at the end of each semester the students are expected to present their projects to experts. The experts give students feedback on their presentation techniques.

Examples (in German language) are provided below.