Positioning of the AccuPower brand

Period: November 2017 - May 2018
Contact: Georg Jungwirth
Cooperation Partner: Issam Al-Abassy, Owner AccuPower

In the 20 years of its existence, the Graz-based company has developed into a respected provider in the field of mobile energy supply even beyond the borders of Austria. During this time, AccuPower has succeeded in establishing an excellent reputation as competent and reliable partner in the field of battery and charging technology among numerous customers.

The aim of this project was, on the one hand, to assess what image current and former customers have of AccuPower, what spontaneous and unaided associations they have with the brand and what strengths and weaknesses they have perceived to date.

Based on this, a concept was subsequently developed for the clear and successful positioning of the AccuPower brand, which also forms the basis for a higher level of awareness and for a distinctive image among the relevant target groups. These are first and foremost existing and potential customers, but also include the company’s own employees, external partners and suppliers, and in the medium to long term, also professionals in the company’s own brancha as well as potential new employees.

Thus, it becomes very clear that the old marketing proverb also applies to medium-sized companies like AccuPower: “Today’s positioning determines tomorrow’s market success.”