Innovation Management

… Turn ideas into success!

 Companies are increasingly relying on innovation to not only maintain a competitive edge in the market, but also to dominate it. These kinds of businesses challenge the status quo and strive for the ultimate in success. They conduct an intensive search for passionate and able specialists who consider innovation a springboard for success.

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 Hans Lercher
Hans Lercher
Founder and Head of the Degree Programmes in Innovation Management
“Innovation is a matter of passion: Only systematic innovation enables economic growth, a flourishing future, prosperity and increased quality of life. This applies both to the region and all of Austria, to Europe and the international community. To achieve this, driving forces are required that are passionate about change“

As the first higher education institution in Austria with a degree programme entirely dedicated to innovation management, CAMPUS 02 is proud to have had over 500 successful graduates since the introduction of the programme in 2005. Numerous start-ups and other companies have their roots in the motivating atmosphere of the Degree Programmes of Innovation Management at CAMPUS 02 in Graz.

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in
Innovation Management

SYSTEMATIC INNOVATION – interdisciplinary understanding of engineering and business with absolute specialist skills in systematic innovation

With a Bachelor’s degree in innovation management, you qualify yourself as a business engineer with considerable skills in the special field of innovation. Having expert knowledge combined with social skills, networked thinking, the ability to work in a team and an interdisciplinary perspective provides you with the toolkit to be able to support the design of new products (or services) — from the idea to realisation and marketing — with a lasting effect. During the degree programme, you will have opportunities to apply the knowledge you have acquired in practical projects.

Language of instruction: German
Detailed information: Innovationsmanagement Bachelor

Master’s Degree Programme in
Innovation Management

INNOVATION LEADERSHIP – assume leadership responsibilities, develop and implement business models and innovation strategies.

The content of the Master degree programme has a strong orientation towards the upper levels of business management. In the Master’s, you will acquire a high degree of competence in strategic business leadership and in the development and implementation of innovation strategies within a company or organisation. By covering business development, learning how to identify and use entrepreneurial market trends and by acquiring the skills to apply methods and tools needed for the development of new business models, you are predestined to become a highly qualified business leader. Due to this orientation of the content, the Master’s in Innovation Management has, time and again, also proven to be the ideal complementary qualification for engineers.

Language of Instruction: German
Detailed information: Innovationsmanagement Master