Safe and intelligent Workspaces

Period: 03/2020 – 03/2022
Contact: Michael Terler, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences

The project “Safe and Intelligent Workspaces” pursues the innovative goal of developing generate models for the creation of a safe, efficient and advanced industrial working environment on the basis of artificial intelligence and digital assistance systems as well as empirical data of Styrian industrial companies. In Module 1, in-depth analyses of accident reports from industry are carried out using the methods of mathematics, statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify characteristic hazardous situations. The goal in Module 1 is to use AI-based models and simulations to analyze and identify accident risks and to generate basic knowledge to reduce these risks. In Module 2, a system for the holistic analysis, design and evaluation of smart workplaces in the manufacturing industry will be developed using a generic production process. The goal in Module 2 is to develop basic knowledge, taking into account all influential perspectives (from the degree of innovation to the personnel, to requirements for the technology as well as the IT system) to increase the decision-making competence of employees on the shop floor.