SCOPE — Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurship

Contact: Anita Ulz, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences

Corporate entrepreneurship is defined as the commitment of an existing corporate organisation to promote innovation by investing resources in the development of new business ventures, products, services or processes, and as the renewal of strategies and competitive postures.

The holistic approach of the SCOPE project ensures that companies and their employees benefit from the project and that intrapreneurship can enter into companies more efficiently. The innovative competence matrices developed for man­agers and employees/students and the easy-to-use ex-ante gap analysis tool for managers will increase the added value of European companies and consultants.

The project aims at the following:

  • Promoting innovativeness and business growth in European companies;
  • Establishing intrapreneurial structures in companies; and
  • Improving the employability and intrapreneurial skills of employees.


Funding programme: ERASMUS+

Project website: scope-project.eu