Electronic resources

In addition to the print media, the library at CAMPUS 02 also provides access to a wide variety of electronic resources. These mainly consist of scientific databases and e-books.

Please note that all databases and journals accessible from this page are subject to the provisions of copyright law.

The following terms of use must therefore be strictly observed:

  • Access to licensed full texts and all other data is granted solely to members of CAMPUS 02 and library users.
  • The full text of articles may only be printed out or saved for personal use and for the purpose of research.
  • Systematic printing or saving of articles or complete volumes, particularly if done by robots, is prohibited.
  • Articles may not be passed on to third parties either electronically or in printed form.

CAMPUS 02 students, staff members and external library users may use the library’s electronic resources.

Access options:

At CAMPUS 02/within CAMPUS 02’s IP range 

CAMPUS 02 students and staff members:
Access from all PCs or from private notebooks via WLAN
External library users:
Access only from the library’s PCs. Please approach our library staff for help!

Outside CAMPUS 02/CAMPUS 02’s IP range

CAMPUS 02 students and staff members:
Remote access using EZproxy or Shibboleth. For more information, please see the descriptions of each resource.
External library users:
Due to licensing restrictions, remote access from outside CAMPUS 02 is not possible.

Please note that some databases (e.g. legal and financial databases) can only be used by CAMPUS 02 students or staff members due to licensing restrictions. Remote access to these databases is either limited or not possible. For more information, please visit the respective database.

The Electronic Journals Library (Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek, EZB) helps you search for a specific journal, and in this journal, for specific articles or particular topics.



Use the Database Information System (DBIS) to research a topic in one of the various databases.


You can find information on different content and access options directly in each source:

The library provides you with standards in different specialist fields:

  • Informationswesen. Verlagswesen. Terminologie
  • Dienstleistungen
  • Betriebswirtschaft. Betriebsleitung. Qualität
  • Arbeitssicherheit
  • Persönliche Schutzausrüstung
  • Industrielle Automatisierungssysteme
  • Handwerkzeuge
  • Informationstechnik
  • Anwendungen der Informationstechnik
  • Prüfung metallischer Werkstoffe
  • Stahlprodukte. Eisenprodukte


Link to the database:

Austrian Standards


Business Source® Ultimate is a business research database predominantly offering articles in Economics in English language. It features full text and summaries for more than 8,800 publication series (e.g. Harvard Business Manager) and also contains full text versions of more than 2,600 journals. Full text journals are provided back to 1911. Bibliographical references can be searched for until then. Business Source Ultimate provides full-text coverage in all business disciplines, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics. Additional full text, non-journal content includes market research reports, industry reports, country reports, company profiles and SWOT analyses. The database is updated on a daily basis via EBSCOhost.

Business Source Ultimate can be accessed from within CAMPUS 02 [lecture halls, offices and library] or from home 24 hours a day via EZproxy or via Shibboleth (Instruction)

The database can be reached via the following link




Compass-Verlag GmbH sponsors CAMPUS 02 with its Firmen-Compass (“Company Compass”) – Austria’s best business database. All registered Austrian companies together with their very latest company register status with comprehensive, researched additional information are clearly presented and highly hyperlinked.

The cost-free access on offer covers the following modules: Companies, Trades, Bankruptcies and Associations.

The database builds on the entries in the Austrian Commercial Register and is supplemented by information researched by the editorial staff, as well as by details from the Austrian Chambers of Commerce and the Austrian Register of Tenderers.

Thanks to the daily updating of the commercial register data, correct real-time legal information about the companies is always available. The trade register data is also continually updated. For more information, please click here to visit the Compass website.

You can perform your researches on a PC in the library. Please contact the library staff for registration.

Link to the database:


The library at CAMPUS 02 provides you with e-books and e-journals from de Gruyter.

These publications can be accessed from within the CAMPUS 02 network, but you can also use them from home 24 hours a day via EZproxy or via Shibboleth (Instruction)

For direct access to the de Gruyter database, please use the following link:

De Gruyter


CAMPUS 02 provides you with the “ebook Business Collection” e-book package via EBSCO. This collection includes around 12,400 business publications in English. Several e-books can be accessed at the same time. A maximum of 60 pages may be downloaded / printed per session.
These publications can be accessed from within the CAMPUS 02 network, but you can also use them from home 24 hours a day via EZproxy or via Shibboleth (Instruction). Please use the following link:

EBSCO – eBook Collection


eBooks by EBSCO – Searching
eBooks by EBSCO – Download
eBooks by EBSCO – Reading

Access options:

On campus: https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/wirtschaft/search.action

From home: Login via EZ Proxy

The library at CAMPUS 02 currently provides you with titles of various publishers via the e-book platform “ProQuest Ebook Central” Titel.



Emerald Group Publishing Limited is one of the world’s leading publishers of trade journals in the area of management research. With “Emerald Management eJournal Collections” it enables access to full texts of its journals.

Emerald can be accessed from within the CAMPUS 02 network 02 [lecture halls, offices and library], but you can also use it from home via EZproxy or Shibboleth (Instruction).


Link to the database:



User support and tutorials are directly available on the Emerald website: Support for the user

The library at CAMPUS 02 provides you with e-books from Hanser in different specialist fields.

These publications can be accessed from within the CAMPUS 02 network, but you can also use them from home 24 hours a day via EZproxy or via Shibboleth (Instruction) . For direct access to the Hanser database, please use the following link:


Hanser eLibrary

You are able to view theme packages on tax law, taxes & accounting as well as economic law. You also have access to important commentaries on tax law such as BAO, EStG, GebG, GrEStG, KStG, UmgrStG, UStG, WerbeabgabeG [German abbreviations of tax laws]. In addition, LexisNexis provides you with legal norms, finance documentation (incl. FINDOK data), labour and social law documentation, legal decisions, interactive calculation tools and legal news.

The database can be accessed from within CAMPUS 02 [lecture rooms, offices and library] via the following link:


When you are on the LexisNexis homepage you will see the “IP access” button on the top right-hand side. It will allow access to the database.
You do not have to register (unless you want to save your search results), but you have to accept the general terms and conditions. Access is granted via the IP-address of CAMPUS 02, no password is required.


In LindeOnline you are able to view the most important journals in fulltext version as of 1 January, 2010: SWK – Steuer- und WirtschaftsKartei [Tax and Business Index], SWI – Steuer und Wirtschaft International [Tax and Business Review], „PV-Info“, „CFO-Aktuell“ and UFS Journal. In addition to the “core journals” also so-called Libraries are offered. These are separate modules by specialist area with corresponding contents (legal texts, comments, handbooks, dictionaries). CAMPUS 02 has acquired the following the modules „Taxes National (Steuern national)“, „Financial Accounting (Rechnungswesen)“, „Coporate Law (Gesellschaftsrecht)“ and „International” (Internationales).


The database can be accessed from within CAMPUS 02 [lecture rooms, offices and library] via the following link:


Linde Verlag offers students at CAMPUS 02 temporary remote access to „Lindeonline”, if a comprehensive scientific publication (Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis) is written.
If this applies, please fill out the application form, have it signed by the lecturer of the course unit, scan und send it to bibliothek@campus02.at. The application form will be forwarded to Linde Verlag which will subsequently provide you with your access data.

Access options:

On campus: www.oecd-ilibrary.org

From home: Login with EZproxy or via Shibboleth (instruction).

The OECD iLibrary provides direct access to all OECD publications and statistical databases, as well as joint IEA (International Energy Agency) and OECD publications and databases.

Tips for research:
The homepage provides an overview of subject areas, publication types, years of publication, and countries for which OECD publications can be found. With the advanced search you can search for the title, author name, etc. in the respective search box. In addition, the search can be narrowed down to time period, language, publisher, publication type, subject or country.

In the user guide you will find manuals written in several languages as well as video tutorials on how to use the OECD iLibrary.


Are you looking for books that are never borrowed and are accessible to you around-the-clock?

CAMPUS 02’s online business sciences library is at your disposal and currently includes some 4,500 titles published by Springer between 2005/2006 and 2013.


These publications can be accessed from within the CAMPUS 02 network, but you can also use them from home 24 hours a day via EZproxy or via Shibboleth (Instruction). E-books can also be found in our library catalogue.
For direct access to the Springer database, please use the following link:

Springer Link

Statista database database enables simple and efficient access to quantitative data; it provides you with statistics covering more than 600 sectors, bringing together the most important statistics and studies by market researchers, associations, specialist publications and state sources.

Statista can be accessed from within the CAMPUS 02 network 02 [lecture halls, offices and library], but you can also use it from home via EZproxy.

Link to the database:



Access options:

On campus: https://elibrary.utb.de/action/showPublications?pubType=book&ConceptID=506378

From home: Login via EZproxy

The FH Library offers you access to the complete utb online textbook library! You can find the titles via our library catalog or directly via the publisher’s website.

Access options:

On campus: www.wiso-net.de

From home: Login via EZproxy or Shibboleth (instruction)

This journal database contains full texts from around 500 economics-oriented journals in German. Publications from around 180 renowned publishing houses offer a comprehensive range of specialist content.

Examples: Absatzwirtschaft, Der Betrieb, die Betriebswirtschaft, Controller Magazin, Corporate Finance, Zeitschrift für Familienunternehmen und Strategien, Horizont Online, IT Governance, KoR, personalmagazin, W&V Werben und Verkaufen, Zeitschrift für KMU und Entrepreneurship.

The “Standard Thesaurus for Business” is integrated into the application. It supports finding terms and expressions in the field of economics.

The “Help” function provides information on how to use wiso, including tips for personalizing various functions in “My wiso”, as well as introductory and learning videos.