Library regulations

CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Version 1 September 2019


I.          General

II.         Using the collection in the library

III.        Using the collection outside the library

IV.        Services of the library and its staff

V.        Special provisions


I.       General

§ 1 General matters regarding the library

1) The library is a central organisational unit of CAMPUS 02. As a scientific library, it promotes research, teaching and study at CAMPUS 02.

2) The library’s collection consists of all items (books, journals, videos, audio cassettes, disks, CD ROMs, DVDs etc.) that have been included in the library system and are labelled as such.

3)  Contact:

CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
Körblergasse 126
8010 Graz, Austria
Telephone: +43 (316) 6002-399
FN 131550g – LG for ZRS Graz DVR 0809497

4) Besides the library regulations, CAMPUS 02’s house rules and IT regulations are also in effect in the library.


§ 2 General matters regarding the use of the library’s collection 

The library is a reference library as well as a loan library. Items from the collection may be used in the reading areas or borrowed unless indicated otherwise in § 11.


§ 3 Permission to use and to borrow 

1) Teaching staff, students and CAMPUS 02 employees as well as students and teaching staff of cooperation partners (The University of Graz, University of Technology of Graz, FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences and WIFI Steiermark – Akademische Ausbildung) (hereinafter referred to as users) are authorised to use the library. The Executive Board in agreement with the Head of the Library may refuse or revoke this authorisation at any time for good cause.

2) A person using the library services or borrowing items from the collection must be a registered “user“. In order to be granted the status of user, the personal data sheet must be filled in and signed. Library staff must enter the data into the library system.

3) By signing the personal data sheet and by being granted authorisation to use the library, the user expressly accepts the library regulations.

4) The library must immediately be notified of any changes to personal data.


§ 4 Data storage and data protection

The library staff use electronic data processing for carrying out their tasks and duties. Personal data (name, address, date of birth) are stored electronically. These data are treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act. For more information please see the privacy statement


§ 5 Opening times

1) Opening times are displayed at the library door and, if necessary, can be modified by library management. They can also be accessed at the website: www.campus02.at.

2) The library is closed on Sundays, public holidays and on the 24th and 31st of December.

3) Library opening times in lecture-free periods and changes in opening times due to necessary organisational reasons are communicated via www.campus02.at and with a notice on the library entrance door.


§ 6 Duties and liabilities of the users 

1) Entering the library constitutes acceptance of the current version of the library regulations that are posted at the entrance.

2) Users must follow the instructions of the library staff and abide by library regulations. They are liable for damage resulting from non-compliance with these obligations.

3) All library property and furniture must be treated with care. Underlining and writing in the margins of printed items, in particular changes and damage of any kind, are prohibited. In the case of non-compliance, the user will be charged the replacement costs or must reimburse the full value.

4) The state of borrowed library property must be immediately examined by the user and any damage must be reported to library staff. If no such damage is reported, the user must provide evidence that he*she received the items in a faulty state.

5) The user is liable for any loss or damage to any items borrowed in his*her name.

6) The library decides about the type and amount of the replacement, and the way the new item is procured. If the item in question is no longer available, the user must reimburse the full value.

7) Under no circumstances must borrowed library property be passed on to third parties.

8) All parts of the library that are accessible to the public are quiet areas. Eating, drinking and smoking is not permitted in the library. Jackets, umbrellas, bags and large items must not be taken into the library area. The use of mobile phones is not permitted.

9) Objects that might pose a threat to people, the inventory or collections, or impedes library processes are not permitted.


§ 7 Liability of the library

The library is not liable for the loss or damage to any property or valuables taken into the library.


§ 8 Library’s right to inspect

The library staff have the right to inspect the content of any folders, bags or similar items. If, upon the request of a library member of staff, a user refuses to produce the item in question, § 3. (1) may be applied.


§ 9 Clearance

Before being issued with their degree certificate, students must return any borrowed library items and settle any outstanding charges. The same applies to CAMPUS 02 employees before terminating their employment as well as to students who are not completing their degree programme. The library will confirm clearance.


II.       Using the collection in the library


§ 10 Using the collection of the open access area

1) The items in the library’s open access area are arranged according to subject area and are accessible to all. Users find the items themselves.

2) The literature used in the library is to be placed back to its original spot immediately after its use.

3) Before leaving the library, all items, including those in the user’s possession, must be presented to the member of staff at the issue desk for clearance if necessary.

4) On how to use the items of the library collections available, see § 6 (3-6).


§ 11 The reference collection

1) Reference works are marked.

2) Reference works cannot be borrowed and can only be used in the library. They include specific works of reference, loose-leaf collections, periodicals and journals as well as particularly valuable items or those that are difficult to acquire.

3) The library management may exclude individual items or certain parts of the collections from being borrowed or used if there is a good reason to do so.

4) Items that may not be borrowed under paragraph 2, may in exceptional cases be borrowed for the duration of one weekend or one public holiday by special permission. Exempt from this rule are journals, newspapers and items marked with a blue dot.

5) A student ID or other ID deposited at the issue desk, permits users to copy or to scan items, which may not be borrowed under paragraph 2, using CAMPUS 02’s multifunctional devices. The user is responsible for complying with all copyright regulations.


§ 12 Work stations

The computer work stations are primarily intended to be used for bibliographic and scientific purposes. The use of the computers is regulated by the current version of CAMPUS 02’s IT Policy and the student handbook of the corresponding degree programme as amended.

Infringements of the IT Policy may lead to users being permanently banned from using the library; in addition, CAMPUS 02’s Executive Board will be notified.


§ 13 Electronic ressources

CAMPUS 02’s electronic resources (data bases, e-books, e-journals) can be used with the PCs provided or with private laptops via wireless connection within the entire CAMPUS 02 premises. The users are obliged to comply with the contract conditions. In addition,

1) access to licenced full-text items and all other data is only permitted to CAMPUS 02 students, staff and lecturers.

2) printing and saving full-text articles and books is exclusively permitted for personal or research purposes.

3) systematic printing and saving of articles, complete exercise books or entire books, especially through robots, is not permitted.

4) forwarding articles or chapters to third parties, whether in electronic or printed format, is not permitted.


III. Using the collection outside the library


§ 14 Borrowing

1) Every user granted permission to borrow has the right to borrow items that may be loaned. The borrowing process is computer-assisted and is performed exclusively at the issue desk by library staff.

2) The library has the right to inspect the validity or the legitimacy of the user permit.

3) Repeated infringements of the library regulations regarding borrowing may result in the user in question being refused the right to borrow.

4) The length of the loan period and the number of items a user is allowed to borrow at one time are subject to the status of the user in question (cf. § 15).

5) Users are categorised as follows:

Group 1: Staff members
Group 2: Part-time lecturers
Group 3: Students
Group 4: Graduates
Group 5: Students and lecturers from cooperation partner institutions, interlibrary loans

6) The library has the right to disclose the names of persons in group 1 upon request, if another user would like access to or copy parts of the item currently on loan to a person from group 1.


§ 15 Loan periods and number of items that can be borrowed at one time

1) The following loan periods are applicable to the various user groups:

Group Duration Number of items
Group 1 56 Days 100 items
Group 2 56 Days  30 items
Group 3 28 Days 15 items
Group 4 28 Days 10 items
Group 5 28 Days 3 items


2) Persons in group 1 are under obligation to keep the items on loan to them in their offices. Upon request of another user, these items must be made available for reference purposes and/or to make photocopies within the shortest reasonable time. In certain cases, the library has the right to recall an item before expiry of the loan period.

3) It is, in principle, possible to renew items three times if practicable. Before granting a renewal, the library has the right to view the item in question. An item may only be renewed if the item has not been reserved by another user.

4) Reservations for items on loan can be made.

5) Permanent loans are not admissible.

6) The borrower is obliged to give an address (ideally, an e-mail address) where he/she can be contacted in writing at any time. If the borrower cannot be contacted for whatever reason, he/she shall be responsible for the consequences.


§ 16 Returning items

Upon expiry of the loan period, items on loan must be taken to the library’s issue desk. Outside opening hours, returned items may be placed in the return box.


§ 17 Consequences of late return or non-return / reminder

1) If the borrower fails to return an item within the loan period, the library can charge fines for the item based on the expired loan period. Three days before the deadline of the loan period, the user is sent an email as a reminder. This is considered a voluntary service on behalf of the library, which does not assume responsibility in case the email fails to send or arrive.

2) If an item is returned late, the library charges the borrower a fine of € 0.50 on the first day after the expiry of the loan period, plus € 0.50 per item for each day the item is late. In such cases, the borrower will receive a first written reminder (e-mail). It is expressly agreed that such costs will also be incurred without a written reminder being sent or received (§ 15.6).

3) The fine for non-return increases four days after expiry of the loan period: the library will charge a fine of € 1.00 plus € 0.50 per item per day from the date of expiry of the loan period. The borrower will also receive a second written reminder (e-mail). It is expressly agreed that such costs will also be incurred without a written reminder being sent or received (§ 15.6).

4) The fine for non-return again increases eight days after expiry of the loan period: the library will charge a fine of € 2.00 plus € 0.50 per item per day from the date of expiry of the loan period. The borrower will also receive a third written reminder (mail). It is expressly agreed that such costs will also be incurred without a written reminder being sent or received (§ 15.6).

5) If the item is not returned after the third reminder, the item will be replaced and the borrower responsible is charged. If necessary, a law firm will be engaged to handle the matter.

6) For as long as the item on loan is not returned after the expiry of the loan period, and as long as there are outstanding fines to be paid, the user may not borrow other items.


IV. Services of the library and its staff

1) Library and library staff services include obtaining, finding and making required literature and other items available for

a) fulfilling teaching and research tasks for CAMPUS 02,
b) and covering the needs of each degree programme and its scientific personnel.

2) In addition, the library staff provides general information on using and searching for literature and deals with bibliographical enquiries.

3) Other tasks and services include

a) acquiring and managing access to electronic resources (data bases, e-books),
b) managing participation in future information technology integration measures (e.g.
at the Österreichischer Bibiothekenverbund (association of Austrian libraries)),
c) working together with the degree programmes (internal) as well as with national and international institutions (external) to fulfil tasks,
d) securing and maintaining the collections,
e) planning further developments of the library,
f) training users with the aim of supporting information competence
g) and public relations.

4) Obtaining library items and expanding the collections:

The library staff is exclusively permitted to order items. Ordering must be, in any case, authorised by the Head of Degree Programme responsible or the person responsible for the costs.


V. Special provisions 

§ 18 Interlibrary loans

1) Users can make a request for an interlibrary loan to obtain items that are not available in CAMPUS 02’s library. A fee (at minimum 4 Euro) will be charged for any expenses incurred by CAMPUS 02’s library as a result of obtaining items or copies via interlibrary lending. Interlibrary loans are subject to the lending library’s loan periods.

2) Users will be notified in writing when the items become available. Items that are not collected will be sent back to the lending library upon expiry of the loan period or upon request of the lending library.

3) Items obtained through interlibrary loans, unless otherwise specified by the lending library, are available for the duration of 28 days.

4) Any costs incurred, including costs for non-collected items, are charged to the user who made the interlibrary loan request.

5) The regulations of § 17 apply to items obtained through interlibrary loan and not returned within the specified period.


§ 19 Making photocopies

1) Taking away items that are not available for loan is possible during the opening hours, for the purpose of making photocopies. You will need to deposit a valid form of photographic ID to do so.

2) The user is responsible for complying with all legal regulations (in particular those of copyright).


§ 20 Infringements of library regulations

In the case of infringements of library regulations, the library management can take the following measures:

1) A written (mail or email) warning may be issued in cases of any infringement of library regulations.

2) Minor infringements (such as loud and disrupting behaviour) may be punished by revoking user rights for the duration of two weeks. Furthermore, a personal warning may be issued by the library management. In the case of repeated infringements, user rights may be revoked for four weeks and/or the library management may issue another personal and written warning.

3) Serious infringements (such as deliberately avoiding checking out items and the security controls, changing personal data without notifying the library, wilfully damaging library property) may lead to the permanent withdrawal of library user rights. CAMPUS 02’s Executive Board will be informed of such infringements, which may subsequently result in expulsion or dismissal. All obligations resulting from the contractual user relationship continue to be in force even after expulsion.


§ 21 Coming into force

1) These library regulations come into force on 1 September 2019. They can be amended at any time by the Executive Board of CAMPUS 02 in consultation with the library management.

2) These library regulations will replace the former user regulations of the library.

3) These library regulations can be viewed in the library and are also accessible on CAMPUS 02’s website


Please note that the present document is a translation from the original German text and has been provided for comprehension purposes only.
The original German version will prevail in all instances.