Our Strategy

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What we do

We offer academic education and scientifically sound vocational training to people in the region and provide transfer as well as R&D services. These services focus on the needs of Styrian companies and are provided in cooperation with other educational and research institutions.

The University of Applied Sciences CAMPUS 02 trains its students to become academic entrepreneurs and to take on specialist and senior management positions for the industry.


What we stand for

CAMPUS 02 is officially known to people interested in education and to companies as a quality-oriented university of applied sciences that produces highly qualified graduates. With our performance and services we support companies’ competitiveness on site.

CAMPUS 02, University of Applied Sciences for entrepreneurial thinking in Graz, adapts itself to the needs of the industry and also incorporates this into its organisational structure.

What makes us special

We represent the ideal combination of studies and profession while our services portfolio is characterised by its field independence.

We achieve these standards through

  • our core competence in unifying profession and training
  • our network of Styrian businesses
  • our ownership structures from the industry
  • personal mentoring (of companies and people interested in education)
  • our entrepreneurship
  • and our competent lecturers and staff

All degree programmes aim to prepare students to hold key positions in companies and cater for their further development in such roles.