Strategic Principles

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Teaching, applied research and development at CAMPUS 02 reflect our strategic principles:

Reasons for our success

Our aim is to provide excellent training to our students in order to make them the first choice on the market. CAMPUS 02 trains its students to become an intra and entrepreneurially active workforce. We provide them with specialist, cutting-edge qualifications in science, management knowledge and skills as well as communicative and reflective skills. Besides developing an entrepreneurial way of thinking and a proactive approach, students also acquire basic knowledge of business and legal matters in all degree programmes. We use the development of our graduates as a benchmark to continuously improve our degree programme portfolio.

CAMPUS 02’s core competence is linking theory to real-life practice in terms of both organisation and content of the degree programmes. We achieve this combination of theory and practice with ideal class and exam scheduling, the integration of work-based tasks and target audience-oriented teaching and learning methods. Our Captains model allows experts from the industry to teach at CAMPUS 02 and serve as role models and mentors for our students. In addition, scientific qualifications and company-related professional activities are integrated into the curricula. It is particularly this integration that enables students to develop a deep understanding of the material and the ability to take the measures necessary in real-life practice. Through mandatory internships, students without previous specialist professional experience are introduced to the challenges of the workplace. This way, students’ previous knowledge and professional experience can be used appropriately.

CAMPUS 02 offers non-sector-specific, academic training and vocational training geared towards companies’ value creation chain. We use our network within the industry and our ownership structure for the development of our degree programme portfolio, which responds to the market’s needs and is based on key tasks of entrepreneurial activities. Through practice-oriented teaching and learning and application-oriented projects with and for the industry we contribute to the success of companies.

One of CAMPUS 02’s distinctive features is the high quality of the services provided by the degree programmes, by means of vocational training, and applied research and development. We achieve this by taking into account student evaluations, regular assessments by graduates and employers as well as by taking part in recognised rankings of higher education institutions. Our lecturers are carefully selected and are given the opportunity to improve their technical and didactical skills. A core element of our quality strategy is the integration of experts from the industry as part-time lecturers. We ensure that our applied R&D services meet the quality standards set by the scientific community and are effective in entrepreneurial practice. The quality of our efforts is also reflected by the level of our graduates’ skills since earning an academic degree at CAMPUS 02 requires students to work hard.

CAMPUS 02’s contact with the international scientific community is a key factor for providing teaching and R&D on an internationally recognised level. We actively support the internationalisation of our University of Applied Sciences by keeping specialist knowledge up-to-date, offering course units and whole degree programmes in English, enabling international mobility for students and employees, integrating international research networks and including programmes of internationalisation at home. The internationalisation of our University of Applied Sciences is not an isolated goal, but rather a way to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to manage tasks in companies dealing with international service partners and customers.

A high percentage of the Bachelor’s and Master’s theses of our students deal with real-life situations in companies. Students in work-integrated Degree Programmes take tasks from work and incorporate them in class. Our lecturers from the industry then provide insight into application and realisation possibilities in real-life practice. Through scientific and technical developments, and student and research projects, we can provide cooperation partners with viable results. Through our R&D expertise, we can also anticipate processes of change and develop competences to meet future demands of the industry and support the development of new products, processes and services by SMBs. By preparing the results in a way that they can be used successfully, we support innovation and development processes of companies and their increase in value.