Our Values

Which values link our current activities to the future? 

Willingness to perform, flexibility, openness and loyalty are key for our future.

We have taken a conscious decision to define all these values together. They are fundamentally applied internally at our university of applied sciences and vis-à-vis third parties and originate from our collaboration with the Heads of Department and colleagues from various other CAMPUS 02 divisions.

  • We measure ourselves based on the satisfaction of our customers. and see healthy competition as an incentive
  • We support each other and work together towards constant improvement.
  • Through entrepreneurial thinking and dealings we perform to the very best of our ability and contribute to the success of our university of applied sciences.
  • Our approach to challenges is geared towards goals and opportunities.


“Anything worth doing is worth doing well”


  • We see ourselves as a learning organisation which is open to innovations and is flexible when reacting to changes in requirements.
  • We think outside the box to find new solutions together with our internal and external partners.


“To see clearly, it is often enough to change the direction of your gaze”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • We are open to criticism and other opinions and express our own constructively.
  • We seek dialogue and communicate with each other openly and respectfully whilst sharing our knowledge, thereby creating the basis for cooperation based on trust.
  • Openness and transparency render what we do and our decisions traceable, both internally and externally.
  • We attach great importance to equal treatment, fairness and tolerance, as well as to respectful and honest dealings with each other.
  • We are true to our word and exemplify what we expect from others.


“Honesty without openness is like a house with no door”
Andre Brie

  • We view convivial behaviour as key for a pleasant working environment.
  • We are committed to decisions taken and implement them resolutely together.
  • We see ourselves as integral part of the university of applied sciences, because we can only achieve our goals by working together.


“Trust and loyalty can only flourish based on reciprocity.”
Albert Einstein