Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is best you send an email to the job vacancy email address
  • Your application should show your motivation and demonstrate appropriate qualifications
  • A clear and complete CV that contains detailed information about your qualifications and work hours
  • If you already have considerable work experience please attach certificates of employment to your application documents; If you have just entered the job market please attach school reports and internship certificates to your application documents
  • Our job advertisements have an application deadline and are always up-to-date
  • No, it does not influence the evaluation of your application. Please feel free to call us however, if you have any questions
  • All applications are collected and processed by Human Resources Management. Once the application deadline has expired your application is forwarded to the department/degree programme responsible, who then elects applicants for the interview. Please bear in mind that the application process depends on the application time frame, number of applicants and internal procedures. Therefore, receiving notice about your application might take a while.
  • You will either receive a call to decide on a date for the interview or a rejection email
  • Honesty is most important for us and for you. We interview you, but feel free to ask questions too!