Student mobility

  • Would you like to broaden your horizons?
  • Would you like to escape every day activities and carry on studying at the same time?
  • Have you always wanted to study abroad?
  • You are expected to do an internship in the course of your studies; would you like to gain your first professional experiences abroad?
  • Would you like to notch up existing work experience with an internship abroad?
  • Would you like to hone your foreign language skills?
  • Do you wish to establish contacts from around the globe?
Melanie Sager im Connemara National Park
© Melanie Sager

“It is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Maybe my positive opinion has to do with the people I met, country I lived in or university I stayed at, but I have experienced things I will never forget.”

Melanie Sager, Automation Technology

Ioana Gavenea am Schöckl mit Blick auf Graz
© Ioana Gavenea

“In retrospect, I am convinced that choosing to study in Graz took a lot of courage – but it was worth it. The best aspect of the experience was to have made so many new friends from around the world.”

Ioana Gavenea, University of Brasov


Thomas Pfeiler in den Rocky Mountains
© Thomas Pfeiler

“Openness, an appetite for risk, diligence, ambition, courage and integrity are all characteristics that you need to have to go to a foreign country. These are characteristics that are nowadays also expected of management staff.”

Thomas Pfeiler, Financial Accounting & Management Accounting

Klara Wurzer mit Kollege
© Klara Wurzer

“When living in a foreign country without being able to speak the language a 100 %, you become very independent, a different type of independent. To be honest, I am very proud of myself and would recommend this type of stay abroad to anyone…”

Klara Wurzer, Marketing