R&D at CAMPUS 02 addresses methodical developments and the further development of internationally relevant topics in a consortium, but is particularly aimed at implementing useful and beneficial solutions in application-oriented projects with partners from the industry. Innovative approaches and solutions for increasing the competitiveness of companies are of paramount importance.

The strategic focus of CAMPUS 02’s R&D activities lies on small and middle-sized businesses (SMBs). Even though the majority of our cooperation partners are SMBs, we also cooperate with leading Styrian companies (Magna Steyer, SIEMENS, AT&S, Weitzer Parkett etc.).

Projects for and with businesses

Application-oriented projects with partners from the industry aim at fulfilling a task in a way that our business partners can benefit the most from the solution.

Method Development Projects

Projects in method development address the development of tools primarily apt for SMBs. The aim is to facilitate SMBs’ targeted and structured procedures so that they can operate in the way large enterprises with better resources do.

Topic Development Projects

Projects in topic development focus on comparing best practices and analysing different overarching topics.

R&D Award 2021

Research and development is essential for successfully mastering current challenges. Thus, in the past two years, R&D projects were also conducted at CAMPUS 02, from which 7 projects were selected for the R&D Award. The winning project was finally selected from the various subject areas.

R&D Award 2019

For the second time, during the event “Wissensdurst” in 2019, the R&D Award was presented to the most outstanding R&D project carried out from 2017 to 2019.

R&D Award 2017

For the first time, during the R&D Day in 2017, the R&D Award was presented to the most outstanding R&D project carried out from 2015 to 2017.