Outgoing Staff

At CAMPUS 02, the expansion of our European partnership network is currently of great importance. As such, we are at present prioritising the promotion of lecturer and employee mobility within the framework of the EU ERASMUS+ Programme. It enables teaching staff to spend periods teaching in partner institutions, whilst administrative personnel have the opportunity of taking part in further training programmes at partner universities or in companies. In addition, teaching staff of the Degree Programme Automation Technology can also use possibilities within the existing mobility programme of the CEEPUS network. For more detailed information, please contact the Degree Programme Coordinator In Automation Technology and see here.

A prerequisite for participation in the ERASMUS+ personnel mobility programme is the existence of a bilateral agreement between the universities concerned. Here you can find more information about CAMPUS 02 current ERASMUS+ partnerships.


General Information

  • There is a bilateral agreement in place between CAMPUS 02 and the host university (who must also be eligible to participate in the ERASMUS+ programme).
  • The applicant is a full-time lecturer/professor or member of the administrative staff at CAMPUS 02
  • The teaching secondment must last 2 days with at least 8 teaching hours and a maximum of 2 months. The further training secondment for administrative staff must last for at least 2 days (excluding travelling days) and a maximum of 2 months.
  • Applicants are not allowed to spend their mobility period in their country of residence.
  • The teaching secondment must be integrated into the degree programme of the partner institution; the development of new teaching materials, the strengthening of relationships between university departments and the preparation of future collaboration projects must be given priority. The further training secondment can be made up of activities such as short working periodsjob shadowingattendance of degree programme teaching sessionsworkshopsconferences, etc. Linguistic training or the attendance of conferences, seminars or workshops should not constitute the majority of the period spent abroad.

Mobility grants serve solely as a contribution towards covering mobility costs:

  • Travel expenses (actual expenses)
  • Accommodation expenses (actual expenses)
  • Highest possible grant per mobility visit per person: 1000 €

Employee mobility is treated as a business trip abroad. Provided that a business trip application is submitted early enough (!), the Executive Board assistant will automatically arrange for additional travel insurance cover.

In principle, several secondments per contract year are possible. These can be immediately consecutive, provided that the minimum requirements are fulfilled. In order to enable as many people as possible to take part in a teaching secondment, priority will be given to employees applying for their first ERASMUS+ secondment of the current policy year.

There is also the possibility for company staff who are invited to teach at a higher education institution to apply for ERASMUS+ funds.

Procedures and forms

With help from the web, the Degree Programme Coordinator and/or the International Office, employees can search for suitable higher education institutes or companies.

Employees who are keen on participating have to provide the Degree Programme department coordinators by September 30th with details (host institution, country, time, duration). The information will then be passed on the International Office.

Employees and Degree Programme Coordinators are notified of acceptance or rejection by end of October. Employees who are accepted will be provided with all necessary forms.

Each Degree Programme is allocated a fixed mobility contingent which can be given to other Degree Programme departments in the event that it is not entirely used. First-time mobility secondments are prioritised.

Contact is made with higher education institutions/companies in collaboration with the respective Degree Programme Coordinator and/or the International Office. In the event that no bilateral agreement currently exists, one must be put in place. Coordination in terms of content is to be ensured with the help of form 1 (Teaching or Staff Mobility Agreement).

The completed and signed forms 1 and 2 (“Zuschussvereinbarung”) are to be handed in at the International Office 1 month prior to departure at the latest. If required, assistance for completion can be provided.

Before returning to Austria, employees are asked to request proof of teaching activities / further training (form 3) from the International Office, ERASMUS+ coordinator or contact person at the host institution/company.

Employees must submit the following documents to the International Office 1 week after returning to Austria at the very latest:

  • proof of teaching activities / further training (form 3)
  • online teaching report / further training report in the Erasmus+ database (link is forwarded by the national agency)
  • original documents

Any expenses will be reimbursed through CAMPUS 02 further to presentation of the documents listed above.